Tacit Treaty

17 12 2011

We exchanged no words

But after a shared smile

We both new our friendship

Was okay

No words were needed to say

Its revival

The climb to where we used to be

Has begun its first mile

Knowing you miss me

As much as I miss you

Allowed the collapsed chamber of my heart to renew

I know it will take time

But I have hope

That your heart will heal along with mine

The Balrog

14 12 2011

-I  recently read Jabberwocky (I think I spelled it correctly) and was inspired by Lewis Carroll to write my own poem about a made up creature using made up words. Despite the plethora of made up words, you still understand his poem very well, and I hope it is the same way with mine.  If any of you are Lord of the Rings fans, then you will recognize the name of my creature. 

Tall was the scarocious Balrog

How his tail slickered

When his next meal caught his eye

He womped through the towns

And as he swallowed people down

He let out a satisfied sigh

His teeth were flackish and jaggedy

His breath was rank

And his eyes flinted back and forth

His roar was loud as it martled through the hills

Tall was the scarocious Balrog

Until one day, when a tourist took his picture

And like all things unbelievable

He faded into myth

Dear Future Self

15 11 2011

 I wrote this as a poem to my future self because sometimes we make mistakes that we look back on and hate ourselves for, but maybe those mistakes really were for the better.

Future self

Please don’t regret

Times I said

Not what I meant

You are of

My mistakes

It’s not a puzzle

That one piece makes

I am still charting

The course of our life

My map is blank

Save a thin short line

Representing time

Spent turning into you

And sailing toward


A more comforting

Shade of blue

I will struggle

And I will fall

But I will always

Rise above all

I don’t know where you are

And I barely know where you have been

But I am you

And you are me

Someday we will meet

And both see

That I did my best

For you

And for me