A Bookmark’s Promise

24 01 2012

I was in my AP Human Geography class today and I was telling my friends about this blog and one of them asked me what I like to write about and I answered, being intentionally ambiguous”Everything” She, like me, is an avid reader and promptly pulled out the bookmark in her copy of “The Good Earth” and told me to write a poem about it.  I am not kidding and this poem is the result.











Keep me near and I will mark

Your way through any adventure

On which you choose to embark

I’ll be your milestone

And never let you lose your place

Once I’m between pages

I’ll catch your tears

Or share your laugh

And be there for every book, front to back

Just keep me near

And do not fear

I will always keep your place

Held tight by a crisp, papery embrace

Where Do the Words Go?

20 01 2012

Where do the words go

The ones that surface too late

To make a difference

Perhaps they float up

Like sad balloons

Longing for a child’s hand

Maybe they hang up above us

Suspended in our personal electron cloud


Where do the words go

The ones that are advice ignored

Are they recycled

For another well-meaning soul to give

Or do they sink

Like rocks no longer needed to hold the soil down


Where do the words go

The ones that tell of hidden pain

Are they inhaled back by the speaker

Because no one wants to help

Or do they turn into ghosts

That haunt those who could have fixed everything


Where do the words go

The ones that spark change

Do they explode like fireworks

Multiplying under a starry sky

Do they fly like swift birds

Singing songs of reformation

I think they evolve and transcend

To something mere language can’t communicate


Where do the words go

Or do they never leave

My Writing Process

9 01 2012

Words flowing

Thoughts stirring

Mind whirring

Pencil writing

Nail biting

Eraser clearing

Lines smudging

Self editing

Idea combining

Hopes climbing

Intense debating

More erasing

Writing is

So frustrating

Running from the Wind

31 12 2011

This is a poem I wrote and then pondered editing for a while and then finally did so.  The first version is free verse, the second sonnet. Several words were changed, but I believe the same overall meaning is conveyed.


Version I

I’m running from the wind

But it’s catching up with me

On it rides

A part of my life I do not wish to see

Fate is NOT inevitable

To me it is questionable

I can push the facts down

Down, Down, Down

To a place they will never be found

By you or by me

I’ll show the world

That there is nothing left to see

I’m running from the wind

In a chase that will never end

Until I come to terms

With the emotional hurricane

Inside of me


Version II

I am running from the wind

But it’s catching up with me

It stalks me every bend

And carries truths I’m scared to see


I dig myself holes and tunnels deep

And buy precious time

Yet still it nips my feet

And never lets peace me mine


I push facts far, far down

To a lightless void abyss

And cross my fingers they won’t be found

What’s not there the world can’t miss


My secrets make me so alone

Sometimes I wish that they were known


The Essence of Writing

19 12 2011

Words slip out and they fall




Why I do not know

Where do they have to




In the deep abyss





And make sentences

Strung together of creative glue




Random masterpieces released

Float up to paper