Goodbye Uncle John

7 04 2012

My uncle John died on March 21, 2012.  I wrote this poem two days after.

Goodbye Uncle John

It hurts to say so long

All the memories are clearer now

Precious and we’ll never forget

Just how much to us you meant

Goodbye Uncle John

For a man who spoke so few

I have so many words for you

It’s not enough to say ‘”I love,”

And it’s not enough to say “I miss,”

Because it comes down to a single moment

One more hug

One  more laugh

One more meal

But even then I still would feel

A need for just once more

To see you walking through the door

Smiling gruffly just once more

Goodbye Uncle John





Someday we’ll meet again

But until then

Goodbye Uncle John

It hurts to say so long

You may not be here

But you will never be gone

What Is Shown Versus the Hidden Unknown

17 01 2012

I hate you

I just want to talk

You killed my heart

Once upon a time you made it grow

You made a fool of me

I fell hard for you

The heart-tears you put me through

The smiles you put on my face

You cheated on me

I still want you

I hope you’re damn happy

I’m not

You don’t deserve me

I’m the only one who understands you

You’ll never hear from me again

If I call, will you answer?

It was all your fault

And mine too

You’ll never find another like me

No one makes me laugh like you

Good riddance

I weep for us

I wrote this because we so often put on that angry face and hide how we truly feel because we don’t want to be considered pathetic.

Many of my love poems have been in existence for several weeks, I have to wait to publish those because I have to get over the feelings.

Andrea Z.


The House That Built Me

20 12 2011

– My thanks to Miranda Lambert for the title.

– The house I am talking about was sold when I was twelve.  I hope to one day buy it back.  I have no pictures of it, but it is red brick, two stories, all wood floors, and is the most comfortable house in the world.

I remember the sound of the neighbors barking dogs

As I went to sleep

I remember clambering up the stairs to my bedroom

I remember knocking lizards off the brick wall with a broom

And chasing them across the lawn when they fell

I remember thinking the pothole in the driveway

Looked like a cross between Africa and Australia

I remember the red burning of my eyes

When I refused to wear goggles in the pool

I will never forget the day

They told me my home was for sale

I remember glaring at cars as they pulled into my driveway

To invade my home

I watched them walk into my garage

As we pulled away

I remember wanting to lock them out

And tell them to go away and never come back

I remember the steamy August night

When I said farewell to my childhood castle

I moved on

But I will always remember

The house that built me