Who Am I?

18 12 2011

I am the catcher of stars

The dreamer of dreams

The wandering soul

Who is not quite what she seems

I desire to be

The righter of wrongs

The one who for peace

Tirelessly longs

Everyone I see

Is equal to me

I hate prejudice the most

The bastard has made

Humanity its host

Nature is my friend

I will protect her

To my end

Knowledge is the key

With which I open up

The world around me

I’m the observer

The one who sees all

Don’t worry my friend

I will catch you if you fall

I long to escape

These chains locked by fate

I am a soul who longs to roam

This entire planet is my home

I’m a tad introspective

And occasionally lazy

For all intents and purposes

Call me AZ

A Few Haiku

16 12 2011

-I decided to try a new form, haiku.  Writing these three haiku was the most liberating and limiting experience I have ever had.  I was liberated from extraneous words and was forced to simplify my expressions and say more with less.  I was limited in that I often found myself merely one syllable over, a very frustrating position.  I plan to write more in the future and I hope you enjoy!!



His long tail twitches

Eyes wide watching his quarry

The agile cat hunts


A vast world contained

An escape from normalcy

Just look in a book


Thoughts sit in my mind

Icicles on tree branches

They melt, I forget



Denizens of My Tree

12 12 2011

My favorite is the horse

Well, of course

He’s crystal clear

And very dear

He’s adorned our tree

Many a’ year

There’s a tiny handprint

Of mine at three months

The Elf on the Shelf

Has always watched me

To make sure I don’t

Shake presents under the tree

There is a patchwork teddy bear

And a mermaid with long flowing hair

Whose brazen beauty

Makes the drummer boy stare

A tall, regal angel

Holds its trumpet high

Heralding a time of cheer

To those who pass by

There is an old Rudolph

Whose fluffy, red nose

Is about to fall off

A jolly, fat Santa

With rosy, red cheeks

Has a smile that warms the hearts of all

During winter’s cold weeks

Under the tree, quiet as can be

Is a rotund old cat

He guards the tree

From curious souls

And when we aren’t watching

Makes ornaments his toys

Christmas for everyone

Brings many joys

Vanquish Vanity

4 12 2011

Who are we

To have the final decree

You shall live

And you shall die

Perhaps this one

Will prove useful

If kept alive

Most are smaller

All have been here longer

We take them for granted

It was the animal’s world

Before humanity

Shouted “mine!”

And it shall be their’s

Long after we die

It’s a delicate web

In which all living things lie

They say save the Earth

But for what it is worth

Earth was fine

Prior to human time