6 01 2012


Tell me your sorrows

Let me heal your scars

You are trembling

And I can tell

All with you is not well

Your cheeks are pale and gaunt

Please tell me of this haunt

Whose poisoned tendrils grip you tight

And have stolen your usual will to fight

Hold my hand, don’t let go

What troubles you I want to know

You’ll only get worse

You need to sleep

It’s been a week

Since you last went outside

It does you no good to hide

The pain down deep inside

I beg you to confide



Brain Dead Poetry: Mid-Term Exams

29 12 2011

These are several poems I wrote in the time remaining after I finished my exams.  I have just gotten around to compiling them.  I am a quick exam taker, so I generally had at least an hour in which to sit around, listen to my iPod, and attempt to recover.  I have not edited any of these in order to preserve their loopy quality.


Stupid Clock

It ticks

Then it tocks

Hands do not stop

Yet change it does not

Why has that stupid clock

Made time stop

Minutes dripping by

Like the leak

Of a frozen faucet


I want to leave

I need reprieve

From this monotony

This air is stale

Full of dead brain cells

I’m choking on them

Eyes are burning

Feet are numb

No flavor left in my gum

And of my exams

This is only the first one



Losing Focus

Thoughts drifting

Attention shifting

Losing concentration

I’m bored really

Teach me something

I do not know

My essays are fine

Writing is my medium

Just let me

Go to sleep

Your voice

Fingernails on chalkboard

My mind

Fuzzy and numb

Give me the prompt

And let’s move on

Before my semblance

Of awakeness is gone


Leave Me Alone

It’s too much

For three days

Too much

To memorize

To do

To write

To bubble in

I’m so stressed

So much to do

Too little time

Cram it all in

Every last bit

My patience

Is on end

Just let me be

No more questions

I have no

Answers left

You’ve taken them all

Treat them well

They are the only ones

I had


Just sit still

Stranger next to me

I’m trying to do well

Can you not see?

Perhaps you want to fail

Less I could not care

I will not fail because of you

That would not be fair


Giving Up

Almost there

Do I dare

Have hope to see the sun?

One more to go

The one I didn’t study for

I’m seeing fs galore

Oh well

Yesterday I cared

Today I’m bared

Of any academic aspirations