Not So Sweet, A Lesson Learned

26 04 2012

This poem is a little old, I wrote it 2/14/2012



His hand was laced with mine

As you slowly passed us by

I saw you double take

As he bent down to nuzzle my face

Revenge was not so sweet as I thought it would be

It was dark and sour

My lowest and most pathetic hour

He held me close

And moved in

Knowing well that you were watching

It was a burn that in the end

Hurt both ways

You may have done the same to me

But that was no excuse

It gnawed me up inside

Like a deadly hearticide

And all those tears I once had cried

Came back to choke and drown

But he doesn’t know

And I’m not using him

I just wanted you to see

How much better I am without you

Revenge was not so sweet as I thought it would be




10 responses

26 04 2012
Cat Forsley


26 04 2012

loved this…it’s truth isn’t it…nicely written

27 04 2012

Great writing, Andrea, and how many of us have felt like you and possibly acted on our feelings? Probably many! 🙂 xo

27 04 2012

An amazing very emotional poem.
Hmm..yes”,Revenge was not so sweet as I thought it would be”…last part as a conclusion is greatly written and soo true.
I like Your poem very much.

27 04 2012

This is a great poem. I think it shows great inner knowing . It shows growth and maturity.

27 04 2012
Step On a Crack

SO glad you are back.

This is a fantastic poem. Your self awareness is so striking!

Xo Jen

28 04 2012

Hi Andrea,

I have nominated you for multiple awards . To find out more about the awards, please visit

Ciao, Francina

2 05 2012

Revenge and anger, etc. have an immediacy to them but are never satisfying or productive in the longer term. Well done in verse and thoughts!

2 05 2012

Nope, learned that the hard way. No one won that round.
Andrea XOXO

6 05 2012

You’re reading my thoughts, Andrea.
Loved it.


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