15 04 2012

The coursing beat

Picks up my feet

Urging me forward

I tap my fingers

Swing my hips

And taste the lyrics

With moving lips

The slow notes calm

A soothing balm

For overworked nerves

My music feeds

My ear’s diverse needs

My music speaks

When I don’t know what to say

My music keeps me going

Through life’s every fray

Music listened

Is an expression

Of what I believe

Of what I want

Of feelings and ideas

It represents me

My music

IS me

The Idea

17 01 2012

I love quotes and I love poetry, so I had an idea to combine the two.  I hope to do more quote inspired poetry and perhaps even hold some contests in the future…….maybe…….I do encourage you to write words that the quote evokes from you, if any.

It is useless to send armies against ideas.

-Georg Brandes

An all-consuming fire

Carried by winds

Higher and higher

Blasting straight through

Every brick wall

Adversaries forced

On their knees to a crawl

No bullet can harm it

No jail can contain

Or knife try to maim

This unseen force

Of so many names

Fight it

Deny it

Close your eyes

And not see

This age-old fury

Like pounding rain

It cannot be ignored

This ultimate instigator

The Idea

Here We Are

1 01 2012

Here we are

We have arrived

At end of this well-traveled circle

Now it’s time to start again

Let the year 2012 begin!

From 2011 take only what you need

Come my friends and follow my lead

Let’s take this first drop

With no brakes to stop

Us from zooming straight through

Let’s start with a bang

And as the wise man said

Be the change

We want to see in the world

Remember the mistakes

Of the past year

And approach new obstacles

In control of our fear

We are one

All touched by the same rays

Of the life-giving sun

As we tumble off the cliff of 2011

To the new one of 2012