The Oak and The Willow

14 02 2012

Tall and strong

The stoic oak stands

Protecting all around him

Roots forcing through earth

Like wooden waves frozen by time

His branches are a city

For the small forest dwellers

Some distance from him in a clearing

Stands a willow

Who ripples with the wind

Forever in an effortless bend

Graceful as a ballerina

Who never had to practice

Was born with the mere essence

Of fluidity

No one lives in her slender branches

They are long like pale green hair

Admired and coveted

She is the epitome of ethereal


Yet resilient

The oak and pine scoff

They stand tall

And they stand proud

Yet they will never have one thing sublime

A simple deception

The humble are often the strongest

In Transition

12 02 2012

Almost there

Yet not quite

Suspended in air

Yet too low for flight

Left or right

That is the question

One is comfort

And familiarity

The other is new

And possible calamity

Left or right

That is the question

One is improvement

The other betrayal

Either way

The knife will cut deep

Either way

I’m sure to lose sleep

But what if I rose up

From these damp heavy ashes

And didn’t stop to wait for luck

And didn’t look at a sign

Left or right

To tell me the future

That is already mine


6 01 2012


Tell me your sorrows

Let me heal your scars

You are trembling

And I can tell

All with you is not well

Your cheeks are pale and gaunt

Please tell me of this haunt

Whose poisoned tendrils grip you tight

And have stolen your usual will to fight

Hold my hand, don’t let go

What troubles you I want to know

You’ll only get worse

You need to sleep

It’s been a week

Since you last went outside

It does you no good to hide

The pain down deep inside

I beg you to confide



Tacit Treaty

17 12 2011

We exchanged no words

But after a shared smile

We both new our friendship

Was okay

No words were needed to say

Its revival

The climb to where we used to be

Has begun its first mile

Knowing you miss me

As much as I miss you

Allowed the collapsed chamber of my heart to renew

I know it will take time

But I have hope

That your heart will heal along with mine

Friend, I’m Sorry

9 12 2011

Friend, I’m sorry

For all the pain

We’ve given and received

In this pointless game

Please, I want you back

Our connection

It meant so much

I’m over that rift

And I hope you are too

Please pretend it’s spring

And let us renew

Words do no justice

To how much I miss you

What we might have become

Doesn’t matter right now

I want your forgiveness

Just tell me how

A chamber of my heart


When I stopped being with you

Friend, I’m sorry

I want us to talk

Take a long walk

You never meant so much to me

As when we started to pretend

The other was not there to see

AZ to SE

Worse Friend

17 11 2011

Painful words flow like ice

Through the clear night

They diffuse through the air

To her disbelieving ears

Catalysts for dry tears

He doesn’t know

For so good is her show

Her sad, brave facade

Like stone her heart hardens

In all but

The innermost chamber

He would make for a bad boyfriend

Because he makes an even worse friend