Midnight Murder

23 01 2012

Five gunshots resonated in the night

Waking me up in a startling fright

I brushed it off, nothing could be wrong

But then I heard the ambulance’s song

And quickly proceeded to bite my nails

Thoughts of  a murder and all it entails

I made up a thousand stories in my head

Though nothing could mask the worry and dread

Not a mile from my home a soul just went dead

The ambulance resumed its death-tolling cry

As it lit up my neighborhood and charged right on by

Eventually I fell into a stiff-no good sleep

So scared was I to make a peep

The next morn I studied the news

But failed to find any useful clues

To a murder that last night had happened

Surely a disaster not deliriously imagined

Dare I Fall

7 12 2011

Dare I fall

And risk it all

For indulgence in

The sweetest sin

Is the outcome

Worth the risk

Is it a chance

I will forever

Regret I missed

My heart says yes

My mind

Tries to second guess

I want love so bad

It’s driving me mad

He’s healing my scars

But I’m still afraid

To show

How I feel

I’m scared

My mind has once again

Created something

That isn’t real