Tortured Ideals

2 05 2012



Perverted words

And tortured ideals

But who to trust

When they all disagree

On what’s a must

Some say “More freedom!”

Unless you are gay

Or a woman

Or black

Or brown

Others say

“Get out of the Middle East!”

“It’s not our fight!”

But what about that

Disastrous plane flight

And the towers ablaze

Am I in a dream

Or do we really have two sides

With no in between?

That’s my future your playing with,

By the way

My voice is drowned

In the volatile crowd

I don’t have money for a Super PAC

How are those legal anyway?

The concept is simply whack

I’m too young to vote

But old enough to know

This is a bad direction to go

Why don’t you all shut up

And look around

Before this all-out boxing match

Starts another round


In Transition

12 02 2012

Almost there

Yet not quite

Suspended in air

Yet too low for flight

Left or right

That is the question

One is comfort

And familiarity

The other is new

And possible calamity

Left or right

That is the question

One is improvement

The other betrayal

Either way

The knife will cut deep

Either way

I’m sure to lose sleep

But what if I rose up

From these damp heavy ashes

And didn’t stop to wait for luck

And didn’t look at a sign

Left or right

To tell me the future

That is already mine


19 12 2011

I don’t want to be the one

Who gives up without a fight

Before the battle has begun

I will support what I believe to be right

I don’t want to be the soul

Who wastes sweet seconds of life

And never works toward a worthy goal

For nothing is gained without strife

I don’t want to be the girl

Who changes herself for the guy

They make me want to hurl

No one is worth living a lie

I want to be the one who cares

The one whose soul is free

The one who takes the elevator, not the stairs

But most of all I want to be me

Who Am I?

18 12 2011

I am the catcher of stars

The dreamer of dreams

The wandering soul

Who is not quite what she seems

I desire to be

The righter of wrongs

The one who for peace

Tirelessly longs

Everyone I see

Is equal to me

I hate prejudice the most

The bastard has made

Humanity its host

Nature is my friend

I will protect her

To my end

Knowledge is the key

With which I open up

The world around me

I’m the observer

The one who sees all

Don’t worry my friend

I will catch you if you fall

I long to escape

These chains locked by fate

I am a soul who longs to roam

This entire planet is my home

I’m a tad introspective

And occasionally lazy

For all intents and purposes

Call me AZ

The Dividing Fence

15 12 2011

– I wrote this particular poem at a time in my life when, in retrospect, I was severely depressed. I had no friends and if you have ever been in that situation, it is frustrating beyond belief. My previous school was not exactly one that promoted free thought. To me, the worst thing in this world is prejudice and that is what this poem is about.

The grass is not greener on the other side
Or so they say
Funny what those with silver spoon in mouth and bloated pride
Say as they live life leisurely day by day

It’s not for the other side I long
I only ask to change the direction my wind would blow
And to live my life by the lyrics of my own song
And escape the stupidity of their pompous show

We all try to live our life as we will
And only we can change our course
If only for a moment the world would stand still
And stop the dividing fence at its source

Then perhaps society could coexist in spite
Of the prejudice and suspicion that darkens the light

Old Has Character

5 12 2011

Out with the old

In with the new

Humanity, what has

Come over you?

I love my






Patchy converse shoe

My faded bookbag

In character does not lag

My wash-worn soft blanket

I always have

My blocky old Mac

Is simply the best

Don’t take my duct-taped calculator

From me

Or even my washed out jeans

With a hole in the knee

Vanquish Vanity

4 12 2011

Who are we

To have the final decree

You shall live

And you shall die

Perhaps this one

Will prove useful

If kept alive

Most are smaller

All have been here longer

We take them for granted

It was the animal’s world

Before humanity

Shouted “mine!”

And it shall be their’s

Long after we die

It’s a delicate web

In which all living things lie

They say save the Earth

But for what it is worth

Earth was fine

Prior to human time