Love at the Beach

21 04 2012

-For JS

Sandy toes and sunburned cheeks

Salty laughs and seaweed hair

Sunset walks and laced fingertips

Love for a week, love at the beach

More for convenience than anything

Just because you can

No strings attached

Merely for fun

For the sake of touching someone

Those rolls in the sand

Not exactly lust

But something close

Just because we can

Freedom to tease and kiss

Knowing love at the beach

Is the sort that lasts a week

The silent sneak off the balcony

And the giggles muffled not too well

Sea oat hide-and-go seek

And midnight sandcastles

Love at the beach

The purest you’ll find

No “If only”s

Or ‘But wait”s

At the closing goodbye

You’re suddenly shy

But then you grin

You kiss and shake hands

No sad parting

Just a halved cockle shell

“Twas nice and I wish you well

You walk away with one last kiss

Knowing that love at the beach

Will expire after a week

Oxymoronic Ire

2 12 2011

-I found this poem in a notebook I used when I was twelve (I start writing in a different notebook every birthday).  I believe I wrote it when my first boyfriend cheated on me, or perhaps I was mad at my mom.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t started dating my writing yet so I may never know. The only revisions were made in the poem’s formatting.  I might have been a tad melodramatic in my pre-teen years.  What girl isn’t?

My eyes are dry

There is nothing left to cry

All my emotions

Are now expressed as oceans

With ten foot tall waves

That fill up my days

My rage

Has long since

Broken it’s cage

My empty book

Is on it’s last page

My heart is an empty chamber


Yet filled by anger

My everlasting ire

A dying fire

My eyes are dry

There is nothing left to cry


Last Night I Flew

17 11 2011

Last night I flew

My wings grazed

Valleys screened

By a misty, white haze

I soared up and over

Every mountain top

My sun-kissed wings

Scintillated greater than

Crowns of ancient kings

I glided over

Vast fields of clover

And traversed

Sapphire seas

For there is no limit

To my dreams