Stupid Heart of Mine

18 04 2012

Oh heart of mine you leave me but a vine
On which to swing and softly sing
A hopeful dream that my love is what I deem
It’s harsh and rough and not enough
To support me, it’s coming apart ever so slowly
Oh stupid heart your falling apart
It’s time to grow up, stop waiting for a dash of luck
Get out of bed or I’ll find some other organ in your stead
I’ll ask my mind though it’ll probably decline
It’s overworked and underpaid but you have got it made
You truly do you stupid thing you have no clue
Oh beating thing don’t get me into another fling


History Fair: Survival of the Fittest

2 02 2012

Sorry, I’ve been gone for almost a week.  I have two words. History. Fair.  If you are the parent of a child who has ever done one, then you know what I’m talking about, if not, then go check out this link   Hopefully my verses give you an idea My topic was “The Royal Society and the Scientific Revolution. I was the only person in the entire school who did that. The most popular topic by far was The Beatles. Gee, I wonder why. I chose to do an exhibit for several reasons, the main one being that I possess neither the time nor the patience to find the large number of sources needed for a research paper.

I promise to get around to checking out everybody’s pages ASAP. I have a bunch of comments to respond to and a Spanish oral presentation to memorize so it will probably be tomorrow or this weekend.

These are not my best verses, but history doesn’t usually rhyme anyway………

xoxo Andrea


Sit down my friends

Listen close

And I will tell you of a historical toil

So please with me bear

As I orate on the torture that is History Fair

“Revolution, Reaction, and Reform”

From this theme your topic must be born

Your topic must relate to the theme

And by that I mean

What was changed?

Was it good or bad?

Then you must cite sources

Primary and secondary

To make your bibliography

If that was hard

You just wait

For now it’s time to annotate

What is your source about?

Does it have any clout?

Why did it help you?

So much information to carry!

Now the fun begins

Will it be a research paper

A wordy history

Or perhaps an exhibit

For the visually strong

There are of course

Websites and documentaries

For the tech-savvy

Once it’s put together

Write your process paper

About where your research was done

How it relates to the theme

And why you chose it

After you turn it in

Go and collapse on the couch

And hibernate for a few days


Ban Censorship!!

19 01 2012

– This is the poem I had on my blackout page yesterday.  I decided to post it again for those of you who may have missed it and also because the protest may be over, but the bill is still in existence and that is unacceptable.  My poem is applicable to this bill, but also to all other forms of censorship. As an avid reader, the banning of books has always been something that is especially wrong to me.

I was planning on choosing one quote as a representative for my feelings on censorship, but I could not choose, and here they all are:

“You can cage the singer but not the song.”  ~Harry Belafonte, in International Herald Tribune, 3 October 1988
“The paper burns, but the words fly away”.  ~Akiba ben Joseph

“Censorship is telling a man he can’t have a steak just because a baby can’t chew it.”

― Mark Twain

“When you ban a book you ban an idea, and that’s communism.”

– Andrea Z. 🙂

Hold back the curtain

Don’t let the wretched thing fall

Come to freedom’s SOS call

Ideas are truth and they are free

How dare they hide them so the people can’t see

Writer’s, join your hands

Preserve the freedom of this land

We are the backbone

Of every revolution

We are the first ember

Of a raging fire

Sing with this written choir

Raise our standard ever-higher

Quills raised and held in an iron-tight grip

Ban the despot that is censorship

Fake Paternal Love

16 01 2012

– This is a poem I have been needing to write for my entire life.  It’s my first step to healing the wounds my father has inflicted upon me.  You can grasp much of the situation from my verses, but I will tell you more.  My father has never provided for me.  He does not pay child support or medical bills or anything.  My brave, strong, and amazing mother has done everything for me.  They treat her like crap, him and his female dog of a wife. He tries to make me feel guilty about not coming to visit him and about asking him to pay for my school trips.  

This is, I realize, a very angry and vengeful poem and I hope someday I will be able to write one that is not as much so, but that day seems eons away from this one.


Not once did you apologize

For all those lies

The endless stream of excuses

A brilliant rage in me induces

Fake paternal love

Is the poison arrow shot

By a cruel hunter at a naive dove

Someday I will make you pay

For treating my mother and I this way

You have no right to chide me

For pointing out the truth

You are an irresponsible child

And make me look like an adult

By never doing as you should

I’d shoot your foot if I could

When I am older

I will rain down on you

A thousand legal boulders

One by one they’ll crush

Till of you there’s naught but mush

Even then I will not have my revenge

My ire will someday fully be released

And all you’ll be able to do is cringe


The Dead Villager

14 01 2012

Here I lie

Unseeing eyes

Wanting to cry

Those soldiers have come

In planes so large

They block out the sun

Shots destroy every silent night

My whole word screams but one word, “FIGHT!”

Who said they could come?

Who said they could come

And just take over

Pushing us around

Like a bulldozer

I’ve seen atrocities

That would you astound

And knock you speechless

Flat on the ground

Like me

In this hot desert sand

A worthless olive branch

Limp in my hand

We don’t need them

They think they’re so good

Go back home

Words are for peace

Not soldiers with guns

My Writing Process

9 01 2012

Words flowing

Thoughts stirring

Mind whirring

Pencil writing

Nail biting

Eraser clearing

Lines smudging

Self editing

Idea combining

Hopes climbing

Intense debating

More erasing

Writing is

So frustrating

Angry Tree

5 01 2012

Sorry guys!!! I haven’t been visiting anybody’s blog or responding to comments.  I’m working on my History Fair project which is on the contributions of the Royal Society to the Scientific Revolution, is taking over my life.  I just had to put this poem on here though, while the feelings were still fresh.  Hopefully in a week or so my life will return to normal! 🙂


Stop trying babe

I see right through your lies

Outrageous as they are

They don’t impress

And I’m offended

You think they’d work on me

Perhaps it worked on the last one

Your facade of a grand life

Assholes are no fun

So step down off your fake throne

Maldito cromañon

I liked your humor before you changed

Or maybe I just finally started looking

Once you listened

Now you just talk

And my words you ignore

I will feed your ego no more

So, I like to read

Sorry I’m literate

I hate your music

Who listens to Tenacious D?

Not anyone who deserves me.

Yes, I write poetry


I said it

Now deal with it

Face the facts babe

I’m smart

Writing is my art

I’m a science geek

And I’m the only girl

Your good looks and slick words

Don’t turn soft and weak

Stop this crap

Or you’d better believe

I’ll make like a tree and leave