Angry Tree

5 01 2012

Sorry guys!!! I haven’t been visiting anybody’s blog or responding to comments.  I’m working on my History Fair project which is on the contributions of the Royal Society to the Scientific Revolution, is taking over my life.  I just had to put this poem on here though, while the feelings were still fresh.  Hopefully in a week or so my life will return to normal! 🙂


Stop trying babe

I see right through your lies

Outrageous as they are

They don’t impress

And I’m offended

You think they’d work on me

Perhaps it worked on the last one

Your facade of a grand life

Assholes are no fun

So step down off your fake throne

Maldito cromañon

I liked your humor before you changed

Or maybe I just finally started looking

Once you listened

Now you just talk

And my words you ignore

I will feed your ego no more

So, I like to read

Sorry I’m literate

I hate your music

Who listens to Tenacious D?

Not anyone who deserves me.

Yes, I write poetry


I said it

Now deal with it

Face the facts babe

I’m smart

Writing is my art

I’m a science geek

And I’m the only girl

Your good looks and slick words

Don’t turn soft and weak

Stop this crap

Or you’d better believe

I’ll make like a tree and leave





12 responses

5 01 2012

WOW !!! Andrea, I hate to say “been there done that”, but I’ve soooo been in the place you’ve described in this poem! Thank you for reminding me that I (& probably many other women) are not alone. 🙂 xx

6 01 2012

We must keep our standards high!!!!

5 01 2012

Good girl good and strong sentiments , love it! and it is a great poem!!

6 01 2012

Thank you, all the good ones must be hiding under a rock or something haha xxx

6 01 2012

These sound like words you needed to give birth to. Poetry is such a good way to cut to the chase and say what needs to said.

6 01 2012

Heavy words well written , telling a story that I can relate to , seems the winds of change have blown in your life too
Ian aka Emu

6 01 2012

Yes, it’s not only the men who are no good haha
Have a wonderful day!!!!
It’s summer in Australia, right?
I envy you, but enjoy the weather!!

6 01 2012
Vampire Weather

Preserve the cloak of skin and bones
Preserve the heart that pulls their string
Protect the love within your center
Bend it not for anything
Clasp the fruit of passion tightly
Plucked by only tender hands
Keep your worth a guarded treasure
Undisturbed by careless man

A strong statement. Well said. I feel the emotion in every line

6 01 2012

Wow!!! I love those words, you have such a gift!! Thanks for gracing my blog with your verses!! xxx

9 01 2012

Never fear AZ… we will always be here.

10 01 2012

When trees get angry they hold up against the wind. Of course they need to bend a little…but not too much or they break or fall over from their roots.

Stay firm in your roots, and by that I mean your passions, your purpose, your growing ever upwards.

17 01 2012

My rings they expand, thank you!
Have an inspiring day!!
Andrea xoxoxo


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