My Beach

8 01 2012

My beach is wild

With birds of all kinds


My beach has shells

That crunch beneath feet


My beach has dunes

With sea oats for hair


My beach has a breeze

That blows away every care


My beach is loud

Waves crash and tumble

Seagulls squawk

Pelicans dive and gulp

I run and laugh


My beach is a haven

A natural escape

Please help my beach

Not succumb to its relatives

Sad and fake fate






Wanderer’s Tale

19 12 2011

– I was at the mall today and I saw a girl in an old pair of converse.  We were both sitting on benches trying on shoes and I noticed that written on the converse were the words “I Will Never Find My Way Back Home”.  As soon as she walked away, I began to scribble the following poem on the back of a receipt.

I’ll never find my way back home

Forever I shall be in roam

I’m doomed to never rest

My soul constantly put the test

From one town to the next

I’ve been to every continent

Yet still my soul is not content

Uluru I have seen

Everest I have climbed

The Amazon I have braved

Stonehenge I have pondered

The Everglades I have

Desperately tried to save

The Sahara I have trekked

Atop a camel’s back

Nowhere seems just right

For my anchor to be set

Perhaps my standards are too high

To possibly be met

Perhaps a castle in the sky

Would sate my appetite

For adventure and the rare

Perhaps I had no home from the start

For stability I do not care

Who Am I?

18 12 2011

I am the catcher of stars

The dreamer of dreams

The wandering soul

Who is not quite what she seems

I desire to be

The righter of wrongs

The one who for peace

Tirelessly longs

Everyone I see

Is equal to me

I hate prejudice the most

The bastard has made

Humanity its host

Nature is my friend

I will protect her

To my end

Knowledge is the key

With which I open up

The world around me

I’m the observer

The one who sees all

Don’t worry my friend

I will catch you if you fall

I long to escape

These chains locked by fate

I am a soul who longs to roam

This entire planet is my home

I’m a tad introspective

And occasionally lazy

For all intents and purposes

Call me AZ

Old Has Character

5 12 2011

Out with the old

In with the new

Humanity, what has

Come over you?

I love my






Patchy converse shoe

My faded bookbag

In character does not lag

My wash-worn soft blanket

I always have

My blocky old Mac

Is simply the best

Don’t take my duct-taped calculator

From me

Or even my washed out jeans

With a hole in the knee

Vanquish Vanity

4 12 2011

Who are we

To have the final decree

You shall live

And you shall die

Perhaps this one

Will prove useful

If kept alive

Most are smaller

All have been here longer

We take them for granted

It was the animal’s world

Before humanity

Shouted “mine!”

And it shall be their’s

Long after we die

It’s a delicate web

In which all living things lie

They say save the Earth

But for what it is worth

Earth was fine

Prior to human time


Give Me A Beach

29 11 2011

Give me a beach

Without a single umbrella

No volleyball nets

Or lifeguard towers

A beach with sea oats

And dunes

Of real sand, not bleached white

A wild beach



By humanity’s lust

For the fake

No less than this

Will I take

I want a beach

That is real

Not a postcard

With picturesque

Palm trees

It’s up to you

If you want yours


However, I will always feel

That beaches should be kept real