Not So Sweet, A Lesson Learned

26 04 2012

This poem is a little old, I wrote it 2/14/2012



His hand was laced with mine

As you slowly passed us by

I saw you double take

As he bent down to nuzzle my face

Revenge was not so sweet as I thought it would be

It was dark and sour

My lowest and most pathetic hour

He held me close

And moved in

Knowing well that you were watching

It was a burn that in the end

Hurt both ways

You may have done the same to me

But that was no excuse

It gnawed me up inside

Like a deadly hearticide

And all those tears I once had cried

Came back to choke and drown

But he doesn’t know

And I’m not using him

I just wanted you to see

How much better I am without you

Revenge was not so sweet as I thought it would be


Smiling Picture

20 04 2012

Smiling picture look away

My heart can’t stand to see you today

You look so happy, so picturesque

A painful reminder that someday

We all enter eternal rest

Smiling picture look away

Stop mocking life with your display

Frozen still to quietly tease

Stop being there, just go away please

I don’t want to see

I refuse to reminisce

A person I will always miss

It is too soon

To fondly remember

To smile for the good

I only see cold, gray pallor

Death personified

I only taste the salt of tears we all have cried

Smiling picture disappear

You represent just what I fear

Being gone, just like that

Like I was never there at all

When in the shadow of my mortality

I find it hard to keep my gall

Smiling picture look away

My heart is too fragile to see you today

Stupid Heart of Mine

18 04 2012

Oh heart of mine you leave me but a vine
On which to swing and softly sing
A hopeful dream that my love is what I deem
It’s harsh and rough and not enough
To support me, it’s coming apart ever so slowly
Oh stupid heart your falling apart
It’s time to grow up, stop waiting for a dash of luck
Get out of bed or I’ll find some other organ in your stead
I’ll ask my mind though it’ll probably decline
It’s overworked and underpaid but you have got it made
You truly do you stupid thing you have no clue
Oh beating thing don’t get me into another fling


He Shot Me Down

12 01 2012

I was a high-flying plane

A migratory bird

A hot air balloon

Happy as a clown

But then he shot me down

Down, Down, Down

Still happy as a clown

A very stupid clown

I fell in love with the ground

Terra firma was nice

But pure joy has a price

A love swollen heart

I was told would suffice

So small a fee

I seemed to me

I had traded my heart for lies

And watched my fantasy

Unravel before my eyes

That cruel boy

He shot me down

With arrows dipped

In liquid lies of love

But I escaped

Higher, Higher, Higher

And patched myself up

Love is something

Of which I’ve had enough




Be Something

10 01 2012

Be the voice

That sparks the change

Be the mind

That imagines the impossible

Be the hand

That lifts the fallen

Be the heart

That beats for all

Be the clock

That counts down to freedom

Be the arms

That carry the weak

Be the bridge

That connects worlds

Be the word

That urges progress

Be the hammer

That shatters the wall

Be the dream

That inspires reality

Be the person

Who makes a difference

When All Else Fades

6 01 2012

These are the words I want on the pamphlet given out at my funeral.  Don’t worry, I’m not suicidal or anything.  Just planning ahead.


When all else fades

Remember me

When all is gone and lost

Do not forget

When the sun sets

And the soft moon rises

Dream of a life well spent

When you stand

At the beginning of the ocean

As we so often did

Breathe in the scent of brine

And hear the cries of the gulls for me

When you look far on the horizon

And ask the curling waves why

That ship you see

With pure white sails

And an uncharted course

That is me. 




6 01 2012


Tell me your sorrows

Let me heal your scars

You are trembling

And I can tell

All with you is not well

Your cheeks are pale and gaunt

Please tell me of this haunt

Whose poisoned tendrils grip you tight

And have stolen your usual will to fight

Hold my hand, don’t let go

What troubles you I want to know

You’ll only get worse

You need to sleep

It’s been a week

Since you last went outside

It does you no good to hide

The pain down deep inside

I beg you to confide