Where Do the Words Go?

20 01 2012

Where do the words go

The ones that surface too late

To make a difference

Perhaps they float up

Like sad balloons

Longing for a child’s hand

Maybe they hang up above us

Suspended in our personal electron cloud


Where do the words go

The ones that are advice ignored

Are they recycled

For another well-meaning soul to give

Or do they sink

Like rocks no longer needed to hold the soil down


Where do the words go

The ones that tell of hidden pain

Are they inhaled back by the speaker

Because no one wants to help

Or do they turn into ghosts

That haunt those who could have fixed everything


Where do the words go

The ones that spark change

Do they explode like fireworks

Multiplying under a starry sky

Do they fly like swift birds

Singing songs of reformation

I think they evolve and transcend

To something mere language can’t communicate


Where do the words go

Or do they never leave

My Writing Process

9 01 2012

Words flowing

Thoughts stirring

Mind whirring

Pencil writing

Nail biting

Eraser clearing

Lines smudging

Self editing

Idea combining

Hopes climbing

Intense debating

More erasing

Writing is

So frustrating


9 01 2012

The elusive grey shadow

Morphing every moment

Hiding at the end of a maze

Protected by a lying haze

Oozing past lips

Changing every time

Not caring if it hurts

Or if it helps

The ultimate judge

Of everything

Never takes sides

Just sits and bides

And sometimes never finds

A moment for exposure

Angry Tree

5 01 2012

Sorry guys!!! I haven’t been visiting anybody’s blog or responding to comments.  I’m working on my History Fair project which is on the contributions of the Royal Society to the Scientific Revolution, is taking over my life.  I just had to put this poem on here though, while the feelings were still fresh.  Hopefully in a week or so my life will return to normal! 🙂


Stop trying babe

I see right through your lies

Outrageous as they are

They don’t impress

And I’m offended

You think they’d work on me

Perhaps it worked on the last one

Your facade of a grand life

Assholes are no fun

So step down off your fake throne

Maldito cromañon

I liked your humor before you changed

Or maybe I just finally started looking

Once you listened

Now you just talk

And my words you ignore

I will feed your ego no more

So, I like to read

Sorry I’m literate

I hate your music

Who listens to Tenacious D?

Not anyone who deserves me.

Yes, I write poetry


I said it

Now deal with it

Face the facts babe

I’m smart

Writing is my art

I’m a science geek

And I’m the only girl

Your good looks and slick words

Don’t turn soft and weak

Stop this crap

Or you’d better believe

I’ll make like a tree and leave


Dancing in the Rain

29 12 2011

Dancing in the rain

Twirling, twirling 

Droplets splashing

 I dance in the rain


Dark, dark clouds

A patchwork ceiling

The sky is having itself

A great big cry

But as for me

I’m lit with glee

Dancing in the rain

One by one

My worries are flung away

My shoes so clogged

I kick them off

Oozing mud

Between toes painted red

Water drip-drops from trees

Weighing down leaves

Hair so wet

Water gushing down gutters

Splutter, splutter








Down I fall

Into the mud

Beware the rushing flood


Clothes in ruins

Soul repaired

I lie down in the rain



The Essence of Writing

19 12 2011

Words slip out and they fall




Why I do not know

Where do they have to




In the deep abyss





And make sentences

Strung together of creative glue




Random masterpieces released

Float up to paper