Ode to My Converse

21 01 2012

Oh Converse, oh Converse shoe

Nowhere is where I’d be without you

We’ve been everywhere together

And braved all sorts of weather

You’re dirty and you’re torn

And blissfully well-worn

You never go out of style

And make long walks worth their while

Long thin laces that never come untied

You make me go all starry-cross-eyed

My feet feel guilty in other shoes

Days without you are simply the blues

Stay with me and I’ll serenade you with verse after verse

I swear to be faithful for better or worse

Christmas Checklist

17 12 2011

Mirth as we see presents under the tree

Each child’s visage lit with expectant glee

Red stockings from the mantle hang

Ready for Santa to come down the chimney with a bang

Yet, something is missing

Could it be a sprig of mistletoe?

Hang it from the doorway, the perfect excuse for kissing

Relish the break from usual life

Ingest the occasional gingerbread man

Sing all the carols you can

Take a moment to give

Money to those without

And don’t forget to leave the big man something sweet

Santa’s request really isn’t that steep

– The word count for this post was 95

My friends that is a lie

Two words are missing

Oh were could they be?

Teacher of the Year

15 12 2011

I sauntered in to take your exam

I felt oh so prepared

Not jittery, not scared

You handed me the test

I was far too cocky, I must confess

I’d worked on your review all evening long

Six hours of my life, wasted and gone

For your test was not your review

All the curses of this world I place on you

You were teacher of the year

They gave you a star

You’re my worst teacher ever, by far

I studied your review all night long

Six hours of my life, wasted and gone

I could all but hear my grade as it fell

Next semester I will give you hell

The Balrog

14 12 2011

-I  recently read Jabberwocky (I think I spelled it correctly) and was inspired by Lewis Carroll to write my own poem about a made up creature using made up words. Despite the plethora of made up words, you still understand his poem very well, and I hope it is the same way with mine.  If any of you are Lord of the Rings fans, then you will recognize the name of my creature. 

Tall was the scarocious Balrog

How his tail slickered

When his next meal caught his eye

He womped through the towns

And as he swallowed people down

He let out a satisfied sigh

His teeth were flackish and jaggedy

His breath was rank

And his eyes flinted back and forth

His roar was loud as it martled through the hills

Tall was the scarocious Balrog

Until one day, when a tourist took his picture

And like all things unbelievable

He faded into myth

Oh, Wishing Well

8 12 2011

Oh, wishing well

Please do tell

The secrets of those

Whose coins have fell

Who wants to leave

Because small towns

Are so mean

Who longs for love

Straight from

The shining stars above

Who desires escape

From predestined fate

Who wishes to have

A wiped-clean slate

Who calls for something bad

On those who make them mad


What’s that,

Oh, wishing well?

You refuse to tell?

Perhaps I should have dropped my coin

In another well

Old Has Character

5 12 2011

Out with the old

In with the new

Humanity, what has

Come over you?

I love my






Patchy converse shoe

My faded bookbag

In character does not lag

My wash-worn soft blanket

I always have

My blocky old Mac

Is simply the best

Don’t take my duct-taped calculator

From me

Or even my washed out jeans

With a hole in the knee