Shards of Glass

6 02 2012

It was a delicate sculpture of glass

Balanced precariously on a mountain top

Winds were soft

Barely keeping clouds aloft

And then one day

The sky turned gray

And wept out all the rain

A physical release of hidden pain

The torrent grew worse as the deadly hail came

And turned that delicate sculpture of glass

Into a million scintillating shards

That skidded of the mountainside

To lay upon the ground and bide

The chance to regain a love’s fragile pride

More Haiku? Sure…..

20 12 2011

Facing all my fears

Rising above scared secrets

Setting myself free

Words that sweetly kiss

Caresses that send shivers

Is it love or lust

Dreams fly to the sky

They make it change its color

Watch out for red days

The Sky Is Not The Limit

4 12 2011

Why is the sky still the limit

When we’ve already set foot on the moon

The only limit is humanity’s imagination

And skills of cooperation

When we are one people

Not a few hundred nations

We will achieve

Impossible aspirations

We will always be different

But our goals should be the same

And thus prejudice will be rendered lame

Call me an idealist

Of the greatest degree

The cruelty of some people

Ignites a fire in me

Is the unjustness we let slither by

Not unlike mass suicide?

Last Night I Flew

17 11 2011

Last night I flew

My wings grazed

Valleys screened

By a misty, white haze

I soared up and over

Every mountain top

My sun-kissed wings

Scintillated greater than

Crowns of ancient kings

I glided over

Vast fields of clover

And traversed

Sapphire seas

For there is no limit

To my dreams