So Very Right

18 12 2011

Under a shimmering blanket of stars

We lie and wait as time goes by

Away from the noise, the bustle, the cars

This singular simplicity making us high

I know I am not yet in love

Love is something forged by time

For now it is enough to know that you are mine

Our thoughts of us still pure as a dove

My soul is soaring like a kite

Carried away by the sweet air of tonight

The words unsaid and bond formed someday just might

Create a love so very right

Last Night I Flew

17 11 2011

Last night I flew

My wings grazed

Valleys screened

By a misty, white haze

I soared up and over

Every mountain top

My sun-kissed wings

Scintillated greater than

Crowns of ancient kings

I glided over

Vast fields of clover

And traversed

Sapphire seas

For there is no limit

To my dreams

Midnight Walk

15 11 2011

The moon is high

And the stars glow

With light from

A million years ago

Looming trees

Make canopies

The silence

Rings in my ears

And in all my years

I have never felt so near

To the side of myself

I always fear

I’m scared if I talk

I will ruin the ambience

Of my midnight walk

As much as nature

Calls my name

To home I must go

The moon is high

And tomorrow night

The stars will glow

With light from

A million years ago