Love at the Beach

21 04 2012

-For JS

Sandy toes and sunburned cheeks

Salty laughs and seaweed hair

Sunset walks and laced fingertips

Love for a week, love at the beach

More for convenience than anything

Just because you can

No strings attached

Merely for fun

For the sake of touching someone

Those rolls in the sand

Not exactly lust

But something close

Just because we can

Freedom to tease and kiss

Knowing love at the beach

Is the sort that lasts a week

The silent sneak off the balcony

And the giggles muffled not too well

Sea oat hide-and-go seek

And midnight sandcastles

Love at the beach

The purest you’ll find

No “If only”s

Or ‘But wait”s

At the closing goodbye

You’re suddenly shy

But then you grin

You kiss and shake hands

No sad parting

Just a halved cockle shell

“Twas nice and I wish you well

You walk away with one last kiss

Knowing that love at the beach

Will expire after a week

I Walked on Rainbow

27 02 2012

So, I wrote this last night. Inspiration is unclear still, but it seemed apropos considering it’s my birthday, even if it’s a little depressing.  So much has happened in this year alone, I feel ninety instead of sixteen. New school, new city, new friends, LOVE (which wasn’t something I had to deal with at my last school). I promise at some point here I will get around to everyone’s pages. Recent personal  happenings are keeping my schedule a little erratic.

Cheers from the new old lady 😉

There was a time so long ago

When my feet touched nothin’ but rainbow

I skipped

And I hopped

I ran

And I danced

Me myself and I

Needed no romance

The sky was blue

And the grass was green

Everything I had

Was all I could need

No worries

No pain

No cold hard truth

My worst hurt was when

I lost a baby tooth

Reality was too big

For my naive eyes to see

My world was so small

I bounced of its walls with glee

And my feet touched nothin’ but rainbow

Colors shimmered and scattered

With my every footfall

Dropping down like painted tears

Of course I thought they were only rain

Tears are for those who have experienced pain

That rainbow was once so wide

I had to run a mile to the other side

It slowly shrank

As I grew up

Until I was on tip toes

And then one day


I fell down

Off my rainbow

Like a bird from its nest

It had just disappeared

And so childhood’s fog cleared

I knew not where to go

Having lost my compass of a rainbow

For a while I was lost

And I probably still am

It’s much harder to find one’s way

On crude, solid land

My pot of gold exists somewhere

And I’ll keep on looking

Even though life’s not always fair

A Swim With Death

13 02 2012

I was swimming in open ocean

And quickly growing slow and weary

I saw a shadow swim out to me

And at first I could not see clearly

But soon the infamous visage was near

And he grinned and said “Come my dear, you’re safe with me,”

Now I was young but I was witty

And I told sly Death “Dear sir I am doing quite well.”

“Those yonder swells are just plain petite for I am a child of the sea,”

He chuckled a sound from his deep hollow chest and said

“Darling you swim the wrong way for land is east not west,”

Sly Death he tried to fool me

“Oh but Sir Death that overhanging star is where I head.”

“Under its light I swim to the north for it is there that lies the land”

” Now I’m really quite busy and I’d appreciate it if your words you canned”

His eyes then hardened like lava in water

And then I knew I had angered Death

So I hurried on into a large oncoming crest

“It’s a long way,” he said “To that little speck of dirt,”

“Now Death you have forgotten, I am a child of the sea,”

“And this final mile it has yet to even hurt

Death swam closer and at him I glared

My heart it fluttered and faintly scared

But my face was stoic and Death was not aware

I swam in silence and him in darkness

As the sun fired a bloody red

Death lagged behind as I grew closer to shore

The water was cold and I shivered to my very core

His voice was tender as he vengefully said

“Dear child you are weak please come ,”

“In my kingdom for you there lies a warm and downy bed,”

” No I will not. I am a child of the sea and you will not claim me,”

I was almost there but my lungs pleaded “Air!”

The water was inviting

The escape enticing

But Death did not have me

For I was and will forever be

A strong-willed child of the sea

Wanderer’s Tale

19 12 2011

– I was at the mall today and I saw a girl in an old pair of converse.  We were both sitting on benches trying on shoes and I noticed that written on the converse were the words “I Will Never Find My Way Back Home”.  As soon as she walked away, I began to scribble the following poem on the back of a receipt.

I’ll never find my way back home

Forever I shall be in roam

I’m doomed to never rest

My soul constantly put the test

From one town to the next

I’ve been to every continent

Yet still my soul is not content

Uluru I have seen

Everest I have climbed

The Amazon I have braved

Stonehenge I have pondered

The Everglades I have

Desperately tried to save

The Sahara I have trekked

Atop a camel’s back

Nowhere seems just right

For my anchor to be set

Perhaps my standards are too high

To possibly be met

Perhaps a castle in the sky

Would sate my appetite

For adventure and the rare

Perhaps I had no home from the start

For stability I do not care

Who Am I?

18 12 2011

I am the catcher of stars

The dreamer of dreams

The wandering soul

Who is not quite what she seems

I desire to be

The righter of wrongs

The one who for peace

Tirelessly longs

Everyone I see

Is equal to me

I hate prejudice the most

The bastard has made

Humanity its host

Nature is my friend

I will protect her

To my end

Knowledge is the key

With which I open up

The world around me

I’m the observer

The one who sees all

Don’t worry my friend

I will catch you if you fall

I long to escape

These chains locked by fate

I am a soul who longs to roam

This entire planet is my home

I’m a tad introspective

And occasionally lazy

For all intents and purposes

Call me AZ

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

14 12 2011

My thanks to U2 for the title.

I’ve torn through walls

I’ve walked the Earth

A thousand times

But I still haven’t found

What I’m looking for

I’ve trekked foreign sands

And nursed sore, callous hands

I’ve lost myself in an endless wood

And I have stood at the top

Of this world

As the sun began to climb

But I still haven’t found

What I’m looking for

I’ve washed up on a sandy shore

And watched an emaciated child

Sob for just one crumb more

I’ve shut my eyes

At prejudice’s ugly rise

I will never find what I’m looking for

But join me, friend

And together we’ll search to whatever end

And find what we are looking for

The Balrog

14 12 2011

-I  recently read Jabberwocky (I think I spelled it correctly) and was inspired by Lewis Carroll to write my own poem about a made up creature using made up words. Despite the plethora of made up words, you still understand his poem very well, and I hope it is the same way with mine.  If any of you are Lord of the Rings fans, then you will recognize the name of my creature. 

Tall was the scarocious Balrog

How his tail slickered

When his next meal caught his eye

He womped through the towns

And as he swallowed people down

He let out a satisfied sigh

His teeth were flackish and jaggedy

His breath was rank

And his eyes flinted back and forth

His roar was loud as it martled through the hills

Tall was the scarocious Balrog

Until one day, when a tourist took his picture

And like all things unbelievable

He faded into myth