My Beach

8 01 2012

My beach is wild

With birds of all kinds


My beach has shells

That crunch beneath feet


My beach has dunes

With sea oats for hair


My beach has a breeze

That blows away every care


My beach is loud

Waves crash and tumble

Seagulls squawk

Pelicans dive and gulp

I run and laugh


My beach is a haven

A natural escape

Please help my beach

Not succumb to its relatives

Sad and fake fate






Give Me A Beach

29 11 2011

Give me a beach

Without a single umbrella

No volleyball nets

Or lifeguard towers

A beach with sea oats

And dunes

Of real sand, not bleached white

A wild beach



By humanity’s lust

For the fake

No less than this

Will I take

I want a beach

That is real

Not a postcard

With picturesque

Palm trees

It’s up to you

If you want yours


However, I will always feel

That beaches should be kept real