Christmas Checklist

17 12 2011

Mirth as we see presents under the tree

Each child’s visage lit with expectant glee

Red stockings from the mantle hang

Ready for Santa to come down the chimney with a bang

Yet, something is missing

Could it be a sprig of mistletoe?

Hang it from the doorway, the perfect excuse for kissing

Relish the break from usual life

Ingest the occasional gingerbread man

Sing all the carols you can

Take a moment to give

Money to those without

And don’t forget to leave the big man something sweet

Santa’s request really isn’t that steep

– The word count for this post was 95

My friends that is a lie

Two words are missing

Oh were could they be?

Wintery Sensations

13 12 2011

Droplets of almost snow but not quite rain

Tapping on the window pane

Scratchy wool on soft skin

Chunky thick soup

Warms deep within

Delicious apple pie

Whose scent makes you sigh

An oversize sweater

With whom you can survive any weather

Crinkly gift paper

Shiny sleek bows

Warm hugs from your kin

The cookies they gave you

In a container of tin

Carolers as they sing

And warm tidings bring

Wintery sensations



Denizens of My Tree

12 12 2011

My favorite is the horse

Well, of course

He’s crystal clear

And very dear

He’s adorned our tree

Many a’ year

There’s a tiny handprint

Of mine at three months

The Elf on the Shelf

Has always watched me

To make sure I don’t

Shake presents under the tree

There is a patchwork teddy bear

And a mermaid with long flowing hair

Whose brazen beauty

Makes the drummer boy stare

A tall, regal angel

Holds its trumpet high

Heralding a time of cheer

To those who pass by

There is an old Rudolph

Whose fluffy, red nose

Is about to fall off

A jolly, fat Santa

With rosy, red cheeks

Has a smile that warms the hearts of all

During winter’s cold weeks

Under the tree, quiet as can be

Is a rotund old cat

He guards the tree

From curious souls

And when we aren’t watching

Makes ornaments his toys

Christmas for everyone

Brings many joys