Christmas Checklist

17 12 2011

Mirth as we see presents under the tree

Each child’s visage lit with expectant glee

Red stockings from the mantle hang

Ready for Santa to come down the chimney with a bang

Yet, something is missing

Could it be a sprig of mistletoe?

Hang it from the doorway, the perfect excuse for kissing

Relish the break from usual life

Ingest the occasional gingerbread man

Sing all the carols you can

Take a moment to give

Money to those without

And don’t forget to leave the big man something sweet

Santa’s request really isn’t that steep

– The word count for this post was 95

My friends that is a lie

Two words are missing

Oh were could they be?



8 responses

17 12 2011

Wonderful…a bright and generous reflection on the season.

And how fun and profound that last observation!

17 12 2011

Haha thank you!!

17 12 2011

they are stuffed behind the sofa going mouldy!

17 12 2011

Alas, if only, no my friend, they are in the post 🙂

17 12 2011

Merry Christmas??? and milk and cookies to you too 🙂

17 12 2011

Yes, you are brilliant, but how did you know, did you guess or did you recognize that it was an acrostic poem?

18 12 2011
The Emu

I’m stumped , well done , will reread and try again

18 12 2011

mwahahaha……read around the lines:)


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