A Season of Contradictions

19 04 2012

Summer in the South is both friend and foe alike

The sun kisses our skin and turns us bronze

It boils the air

And clings to us

The trees and bushes grow tangled

Gnats eat all that is moving alive

Flowers paint the ditches rainbow

And the roses bloom their hearts out

Winter Tanka

8 01 2012

– This is a new form of Japanese poetry that I recently discovered.  It is very similar to haiku, but has two more lines.  The syllable scheme is 5, 7, 5, 7, 7.  So, it essentially a haiku with two more seven syllable lines.


Trees have been laid bare

The world has shriveled up tight

Colors have faded


The light has succumbed to dark

Winter wraps us in its arms


Dancing in the Rain

29 12 2011

Dancing in the rain

Twirling, twirling 

Droplets splashing

 I dance in the rain


Dark, dark clouds

A patchwork ceiling

The sky is having itself

A great big cry

But as for me

I’m lit with glee

Dancing in the rain

One by one

My worries are flung away

My shoes so clogged

I kick them off

Oozing mud

Between toes painted red

Water drip-drops from trees

Weighing down leaves

Hair so wet

Water gushing down gutters

Splutter, splutter








Down I fall

Into the mud

Beware the rushing flood


Clothes in ruins

Soul repaired

I lie down in the rain