Love at the Beach

21 04 2012

-For JS

Sandy toes and sunburned cheeks

Salty laughs and seaweed hair

Sunset walks and laced fingertips

Love for a week, love at the beach

More forĀ convenienceĀ than anything

Just because you can

No strings attached

Merely for fun

For the sake of touching someone

Those rolls in the sand

Not exactly lust

But something close

Just because we can

Freedom to tease and kiss

Knowing love at the beach

Is the sort that lasts a week

The silent sneak off the balcony

And the giggles muffled not too well

Sea oat hide-and-go seek

And midnight sandcastles

Love at the beach

The purest you’ll find

No “If only”s

Or ‘But wait”s

At the closing goodbye

You’re suddenly shy

But then you grin

You kiss and shake hands

No sad parting

Just a halved cockle shell

“Twas nice and I wish you well

You walk away with one last kiss

Knowing that love at the beach

Will expire after a week

Stupid Heart of Mine

18 04 2012

Oh heart of mine you leave me but a vine
On which to swing and softly sing
A hopeful dream that my love is what I deem
It’s harsh and rough and not enough
To support me, it’s coming apart ever so slowly
Oh stupid heart your falling apart
It’s time to grow up, stop waiting for a dash of luck
Get out of bed or I’ll find some other organ in your stead
I’ll ask my mind though it’ll probably decline
It’s overworked and underpaid but you have got it made
You truly do you stupid thing you have no clue
Oh beating thing don’t get me into another fling


More Haiku? Sure…..

20 12 2011

Facing all my fears

Rising above scared secrets

Setting myself free

Words that sweetly kiss

Caresses that send shivers

Is it love or lust

Dreams fly to the sky

They make it change its color

Watch out for red days

So Very Right

18 12 2011

Under a shimmering blanket of stars

We lie and wait as time goes by

Away from the noise, the bustle, the cars

This singular simplicity making us high

I know I am not yet in love

Love is something forged by time

For now it is enough to know that you are mine

Our thoughts of us still pure as a dove

My soul is soaring like a kite

Carried away by the sweet air of tonight

The words unsaid and bond formed someday just might

Create a love so very right

Unhealthy Obsession

14 12 2011

-My thanks to Jules for the organizational advice.

You are the one I think of late at night

The name I softly whisper in spite

Of how bad you are for me

The key to my self-imposed prison

The telescope through which I see

When I think of you my mind gets mad

When I see you my heart grows glad

Without your laugh I am so alone

I’m a musician and you are my beat

But I get no notes from your heart of stone

To the end of the Earth I would follow

Your lovely words that are so hollow

Your every caress in my memory I have kept

Someday I will move on

Someday I will rip apart this bed in which I have slept

Someday I will no longer live for you

And my love hacked heart will self-renew


9 12 2011

It aches a heart

Like arrows

That forever

Hit their mark

It widens eyes

And induces

Soft sighs

We’ve all been

Through it

We’ve all turned

To it

It’s good

And evil

At the same time

It’s rarely pure

And no one is sure


How to

Define it

It’s physical


And totally uncontrollable

It hits you like a train

And gives you pleasureful pain

It’s want

And desire

To say you’re

Not in it

Would make you

A liar

Lovely Lust

8 12 2011

Hearts that pound

Breaths that sound

Arms encircle

And surround

Electricity stopped

Not by ground

In greed they take

For their thirsts to slake

Deadly desire

Bodies of fire

Defenses fall

No chance at all

Nature’s most potent

Siren call