When All Else Fades

6 01 2012

These are the words I want on the pamphlet given out at my funeral.  Don’t worry, I’m not suicidal or anything.  Just planning ahead.


When all else fades

Remember me

When all is gone and lost

Do not forget

When the sun sets

And the soft moon rises

Dream of a life well spent

When you stand

At the beginning of the ocean

As we so often did

Breathe in the scent of brine

And hear the cries of the gulls for me

When you look far on the horizon

And ask the curling waves why

That ship you see

With pure white sails

And an uncharted course

That is me. 



Cowardly Killer

28 12 2011

I promise I won’t be self-serving much longer, but I have started a new blog, the link is http://andreanadinemuses.wordpress.com/

One of my close relatives has been diagnosed with blood cancer, here is my temporary catharsis.

Sneaky little cowardly killer

You raise your axe

But stick a knife in the gut instead

You make me so mad

I see only red

You sip at life

Like it’s  fine wine

Daintily taking your time

You’ll turn someone so robust

Into a dry empty husk

You grow and you grow

You spread and you spread


That’s the word

Such a cruel word should be thought

But never under any circumstances said

For now you remain an enigma

Someday we will find an answer

Until then I damn you to hell

Stupid bloody no good cancer