You Painted My World

24 02 2012

Hello!! I’ve been gone forever due to the idiocy of Comcast. They were supposed to cancel my neighbor’s service, but instead cancelled ours and it took a million forevers to get things worked out. Glad to be back!! I’ve missed everybody!!


Imagine the blandest of grays

The darkest of blacks

And the starkest of whites

My world until you shed some light

You painted the grass a verdant green

And the cardinals a regal red

Richly gold became the sun

And the roses a delicate pink

You painted my world

The salty ocean became teal

So vibrant enough to feel

The earth once black

Now a chocolate-brown

The slow soft sunset

You spent so much time

Each orange flash

And the jagged streaks of pink

Sprinting across a palette of red

Still tinged by the day’s baby blue

My world is color because of you

A Bookmark’s Promise

24 01 2012

I was in my AP Human Geography class today and I was telling my friends about this blog and one of them asked me what I like to write about and I answered, being intentionally ambiguous”Everything” She, like me, is an avid reader and promptly pulled out the bookmark in her copy of “The Good Earth” and told me to write a poem about it.  I am not kidding and this poem is the result.











Keep me near and I will mark

Your way through any adventure

On which you choose to embark

I’ll be your milestone

And never let you lose your place

Once I’m between pages

I’ll catch your tears

Or share your laugh

And be there for every book, front to back

Just keep me near

And do not fear

I will always keep your place

Held tight by a crisp, papery embrace

Paint Me

31 12 2011

            Paint me in a wood

                 Running with the deer

                 Paint me on the beach

Conch up to my ear

Paint me with a book

Sitting on the yard swing

Paint me in the pool

Arms spread like wings

Paint me naive

Before I ever knew

Loved ones leave

Paint me smiling too

Face punctuated by dimples

Life’s original commas

Paint me soft pastel

Preserve my innocence

Then paint me bright and bold

Atop the world in every sense

Paint me pencil in hand

Sewing words together

Paint me with my waist length hair

Adorned by an eagle feather

Paint me as I am

But not what I’m becoming

Paint me in a time

When my visage was truly mine