Paint Me

31 12 2011

            Paint me in a wood

                 Running with the deer

                 Paint me on the beach

Conch up to my ear

Paint me with a book

Sitting on the yard swing

Paint me in the pool

Arms spread like wings

Paint me naive

Before I ever knew

Loved ones leave

Paint me smiling too

Face punctuated by dimples

Life’s original commas

Paint me soft pastel

Preserve my innocence

Then paint me bright and bold

Atop the world in every sense

Paint me pencil in hand

Sewing words together

Paint me with my waist length hair

Adorned by an eagle feather

Paint me as I am

But not what I’m becoming

Paint me in a time

When my visage was truly mine





16 responses

31 12 2011

Wow beautifully written! May I ask where the inspiration came from for this piece?

31 12 2011

I read a poetry book called “Paint Me Like I Am” that was an anthology of poems written by underprivilaged teens. They were collected by a rather famous poet, Nikki Giovanni. The girl who wrote it lives in San Francisco and her name is Delia Garcia. All of the poems moved me, but that title poem especially. I decided to do “paint me as I as I am” out of professional courtesy to a fellow poet. It was a fantastic book that I would highly recommend to anyone, especially you because of your choice of writing topic. Here’s a link to a quick review and info about the program that sponsored the book

1 01 2012

Thank you for that information. Your poetry is wonderful, so pls keep blessing us by writing more.

1 01 2012

Thank you and you are welcome! I am touched that someone who writes such poignant poetry thinks well of my writing!
Welcome to the New Year!!

31 12 2011
Vampire Weather

All of this is extraordinarily wonderful, but my favorite line was

“Face punctuated by dimples

Life’s original commas”

That was a brilliant 😀

Your art is apparent throughout this piece, but in who you are and how you describe it. So wonderful!

31 12 2011

Thank you, and I’m glad you picked those lines because that is possibly the best metaphor I have ever written haha
And thank you, my friends often tell me that my poetry is too personal and doesn’t apply to anyone else, but all poetry is personal whether the word “I” is used or not, in my opinion.
Happy New Year!!!

1 01 2012

If it isn’t personal than it isn’t yours to share. Even watching the joy or suffering of others can be personal when it touches you, changes you. Just as you proved with the writing of this poem.

‘When you meet a master swordsman.
show him your sword.
When you meet a man who is not a poet,
do not show him your poem.’

I come back to this Zen quote often to remind myself that I write for poetry not popularity.

1 01 2012

That’s a good quote, I shall add it to the collection on my walls 🙂
I feel like so many people worry about views, followers, etc but I write my poems because I have a message, story, or idea I want to express.
Welcome to the New Year!!

3 01 2012
Vampire Weather

I see your person in your lines, and I love both the lines and the person behind them. If I could not see a person, I would only be allowed half the love. 🙂

4 01 2012

Thank you, I’m touched!!!

1 01 2012
Gabby Angel

I loved this poem, it was just beautiful. Wishing you a very Happy New Year! 🙂

1 01 2012

Thank you and welcome to the New Year!!!
May it prove a prosperous one!!

1 01 2012

Beautiful poem, so clever flows and awakens the brain.
I shall paint you indigo with a keyboard at your hand your words spread like honey to different time zones and other lands!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

1 01 2012

You are so sweet!!
Hope your New Year began with a smile and hoping it will be a prosperous one for you!!

2 01 2012

Whoa… does this poem bring back visuals for me. My late wife would always let me take pictures of her… nobody else could. We had been together since we were 16. I did a post about our favorite place…”When a Place is Not Just a Place”

Thanks for the memories 🙂

3 01 2012

Awww, that’s very sweet!! I’ll go check that out 🙂


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