You Painted My World

24 02 2012

Hello!! I’ve been gone forever due to the idiocy of Comcast. They were supposed to cancel my neighbor’s service, but instead cancelled ours and it took a million forevers to get things worked out. Glad to be back!! I’ve missed everybody!!


Imagine the blandest of grays

The darkest of blacks

And the starkest of whites

My world until you shed some light

You painted the grass a verdant green

And the cardinals a regal red

Richly gold became the sun

And the roses a delicate pink

You painted my world

The salty ocean became teal

So vibrant enough to feel

The earth once black

Now a chocolate-brown

The slow soft sunset

You spent so much time

Each orange flash

And the jagged streaks of pink

Sprinting across a palette of red

Still tinged by the day’s baby blue

My world is color because of you



16 responses

24 02 2012
Step On a Crack


Welcome back …

You were missed.

XO Jen

24 02 2012

Miss u too! LOVE YOUR painted world 🙂

24 02 2012
El Guapo

Glad to see you again, Andrea.
You’ve captured love wonderfully!

was it inspired by the photo, or did you find the that after?

25 02 2012

After, the inspiration is complicated. I wrote it for one person but then for another and then another. I guess my world is a canvas for all artists 🙂

24 02 2012

This was rich in emotion and beauty…well done

24 02 2012

I love your colored world, Andrea, just lovely and you were definitely missed! Welcome back! 🙂 xx

25 02 2012
Soma Mukherjee

what a beautiful coloured world it is loved it 🙂

25 02 2012

I am giving you the Sunshine award!

25 02 2012
The Emu

Welcome home
Emu aka Ian

25 02 2012

Welcome back, Andrea…and thank you for sharing another wonderful poem!

26 02 2012

Awesome!! And Happy Early Birthday as well! Hope you have a good one 😀

27 02 2012

Happy birthday Andrea.

29 02 2012
Thomas Davis

Wonderful love poem and happy birthday.

5 03 2012

Beautiful expression of how one person can bring another to life. I love it Andrea xx

5 03 2012
Ben Naga


22 03 2012

Welcome back, and thank you for sharing this lovely verse.


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