Love at the Beach

21 04 2012

-For JS

Sandy toes and sunburned cheeks

Salty laughs and seaweed hair

Sunset walks and laced fingertips

Love for a week, love at the beach

More for convenience than anything

Just because you can

No strings attached

Merely for fun

For the sake of touching someone

Those rolls in the sand

Not exactly lust

But something close

Just because we can

Freedom to tease and kiss

Knowing love at the beach

Is the sort that lasts a week

The silent sneak off the balcony

And the giggles muffled not too well

Sea oat hide-and-go seek

And midnight sandcastles

Love at the beach

The purest you’ll find

No “If only”s

Or ‘But wait”s

At the closing goodbye

You’re suddenly shy

But then you grin

You kiss and shake hands

No sad parting

Just a halved cockle shell

“Twas nice and I wish you well

You walk away with one last kiss

Knowing that love at the beach

Will expire after a week

Smiling Picture

20 04 2012

Smiling picture look away

My heart can’t stand to see you today

You look so happy, so picturesque

A painful reminder that someday

We all enter eternal rest

Smiling picture look away

Stop mocking life with your display

Frozen still to quietly tease

Stop being there, just go away please

I don’t want to see

I refuse to reminisce

A person I will always miss

It is too soon

To fondly remember

To smile for the good

I only see cold, gray pallor

Death personified

I only taste the salt of tears we all have cried

Smiling picture disappear

You represent just what I fear

Being gone, just like that

Like I was never there at all

When in the shadow of my mortality

I find it hard to keep my gall

Smiling picture look away

My heart is too fragile to see you today


15 04 2012

The coursing beat

Picks up my feet

Urging me forward

I tap my fingers

Swing my hips

And taste the lyrics

With moving lips

The slow notes calm

A soothing balm

For overworked nerves

My music feeds

My ear’s diverse needs

My music speaks

When I don’t know what to say

My music keeps me going

Through life’s every fray

Music listened

Is an expression

Of what I believe

Of what I want

Of feelings and ideas

It represents me

My music

IS me

The Oak and The Willow

14 02 2012

Tall and strong

The stoic oak stands

Protecting all around him

Roots forcing through earth

Like wooden waves frozen by time

His branches are a city

For the small forest dwellers

Some distance from him in a clearing

Stands a willow

Who ripples with the wind

Forever in an effortless bend

Graceful as a ballerina

Who never had to practice

Was born with the mere essence

Of fluidity

No one lives in her slender branches

They are long like pale green hair

Admired and coveted

She is the epitome of ethereal


Yet resilient

The oak and pine scoff

They stand tall

And they stand proud

Yet they will never have one thing sublime

A simple deception

The humble are often the strongest

Running from the Wind

31 12 2011

This is a poem I wrote and then pondered editing for a while and then finally did so.  The first version is free verse, the second sonnet. Several words were changed, but I believe the same overall meaning is conveyed.


Version I

I’m running from the wind

But it’s catching up with me

On it rides

A part of my life I do not wish to see

Fate is NOT inevitable

To me it is questionable

I can push the facts down

Down, Down, Down

To a place they will never be found

By you or by me

I’ll show the world

That there is nothing left to see

I’m running from the wind

In a chase that will never end

Until I come to terms

With the emotional hurricane

Inside of me


Version II

I am running from the wind

But it’s catching up with me

It stalks me every bend

And carries truths I’m scared to see


I dig myself holes and tunnels deep

And buy precious time

Yet still it nips my feet

And never lets peace me mine


I push facts far, far down

To a lightless void abyss

And cross my fingers they won’t be found

What’s not there the world can’t miss


My secrets make me so alone

Sometimes I wish that they were known


Cowardly Killer

28 12 2011

I promise I won’t be self-serving much longer, but I have started a new blog, the link is

One of my close relatives has been diagnosed with blood cancer, here is my temporary catharsis.

Sneaky little cowardly killer

You raise your axe

But stick a knife in the gut instead

You make me so mad

I see only red

You sip at life

Like it’s  fine wine

Daintily taking your time

You’ll turn someone so robust

Into a dry empty husk

You grow and you grow

You spread and you spread


That’s the word

Such a cruel word should be thought

But never under any circumstances said

For now you remain an enigma

Someday we will find an answer

Until then I damn you to hell

Stupid bloody no good cancer


19 12 2011

I don’t want to be the one

Who gives up without a fight

Before the battle has begun

I will support what I believe to be right

I don’t want to be the soul

Who wastes sweet seconds of life

And never works toward a worthy goal

For nothing is gained without strife

I don’t want to be the girl

Who changes herself for the guy

They make me want to hurl

No one is worth living a lie

I want to be the one who cares

The one whose soul is free

The one who takes the elevator, not the stairs

But most of all I want to be me