Denizens of My Tree

12 12 2011

My favorite is the horse

Well, of course

He’s crystal clear

And very dear

He’s adorned our tree

Many a’ year

There’s a tiny handprint

Of mine at three months

The Elf on the Shelf

Has always watched me

To make sure I don’t

Shake presents under the tree

There is a patchwork teddy bear

And a mermaid with long flowing hair

Whose brazen beauty

Makes the drummer boy stare

A tall, regal angel

Holds its trumpet high

Heralding a time of cheer

To those who pass by

There is an old Rudolph

Whose fluffy, red nose

Is about to fall off

A jolly, fat Santa

With rosy, red cheeks

Has a smile that warms the hearts of all

During winter’s cold weeks

Under the tree, quiet as can be

Is a rotund old cat

He guards the tree

From curious souls

And when we aren’t watching

Makes ornaments his toys

Christmas for everyone

Brings many joys




19 responses

12 12 2011

I love this it is beautiful xxx

12 12 2011

thank you for telling me to listen 🙂

12 12 2011

For me it’s a tree adorned with
some one hundred and fifty fairies.
Sent to us by a dear friend, and the
fresh dog biscuit my small terrier
leaves as an apparent offering to
the baby jesus. Beatiful poem.
Great christmas memories.

12 12 2011

That sounds like one cool puppy. Nothing compares to the memories made during Christmas.

13 12 2011

You can say that again.

14 12 2011

beautiful poem. I do like the feel of your poems when reading on your blog. Ciao Francina

14 12 2011

Thank you, I’m glad my poetry does that!

14 12 2011

What a great idea! Beautifully expressed. xx

14 12 2011

Thank you, my grandfather used to make up stories about the ornaments on our tree to make me go to sleep on christmas eve, so I guess you could say I wrote this for him.

14 12 2011

Very sweet and picturesque – I suppose that the magic of childhood is the ability to imagine the life of those slow moving (i.e. “inanimate”) beloved objects around us. Wonderful.

14 12 2011

Thank you. The world would be a better place if we stayed children forever.

14 12 2011

Oh yes, I agree. The advantage of getting older is the freedom to reclaim one’s inner child:-)

14 12 2011

So true! I always enjoy building with legos and making sandcastles with my younger cousins, it’s very liberating.

14 12 2011

This is another great poem. Not only are the words and literary devices great, the poem itself takes on the shape of the subject. I see a teddy bear standing on a pedestal – Its kind of like “shape poetry”

14 12 2011

I wish I could say it was supposed to be like that, but alas it was mere coincidence, but you are right and thank you!

16 12 2011

entschuldiegung das ich deutsch schreibe
aber sie werden es schon versuchen es zu verstehen habe ihre seite angeschaut und finde sie gut liebe gruesse an sie jasmin damaro

16 12 2011

Am I correct in thinking that is German? I am sorry, but I do not speak German, but thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog!!

21 12 2011

At last! A storyteller in poetry. Not that there is no room for poets who dive into the obscure or the murky world of fantasy, its just refreshing to have a tale so eloquently told.

You spirit shines from everything you create. Thank you.


21 12 2011

No, thank you!! Your kind words of praise warm my heart!
Have a Merry Christmas!!


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