The House That Built Me

20 12 2011

– My thanks to Miranda Lambert for the title.

– The house I am talking about was sold when I was twelve.  I hope to one day buy it back.  I have no pictures of it, but it is red brick, two stories, all wood floors, and is the most comfortable house in the world.

I remember the sound of the neighbors barking dogs

As I went to sleep

I remember clambering up the stairs to my bedroom

I remember knocking lizards off the brick wall with a broom

And chasing them across the lawn when they fell

I remember thinking the pothole in the driveway

Looked like a cross between Africa and Australia

I remember the red burning of my eyes

When I refused to wear goggles in the pool

I will never forget the day

They told me my home was for sale

I remember glaring at cars as they pulled into my driveway

To invade my home

I watched them walk into my garage

As we pulled away

I remember wanting to lock them out

And tell them to go away and never come back

I remember the steamy August night

When I said farewell to my childhood castle

I moved on

But I will always remember

The house that built me




16 responses

20 12 2011
Rayme Wells @ A Clean Surface

You have painted a picture of childhood frustration.
I like this very much.
You need to proofread lines 4 and 9.

20 12 2011

Haha thanks!! I usually try to read through, but I guess those slipped past my radar…..Thank you for visiting and I enjoyed and learned much from your post about improving gingerbread houses! Hope to see you in my world again soon!

20 12 2011

That is a beautiful poem it just says it all . I just do not know what else to say . lovely. It made me cry.

20 12 2011

I believe I was crying while I wrote it. That house meant so much to me.

20 12 2011
El Guapo

I don’t have near the attachment to my childhood home that you do to yours.
That poem is a beautiful expression of it!

20 12 2011

Thank you so much, it was a wonderful home.

20 12 2011

A lovely memory of your favorite house and I know the song well, she’s one of our favorites! I hope your dream of buying it back comes true~

20 12 2011

That is my hope and thank you!!

21 12 2011

This reminds me a lot of my childhood home also…well it was just an apartment and a small one at that. But that day, moving away and seeing the new people walk in was such a sad day. You really captured that emotion that I felt since I had so many wonderful memories there. Almost as if a part of my childhood was left behind, at that place…where I will never be able to go back to. Oh well, this was really great 😀

And no problem! Like I said, I really like your writing :DD

21 12 2011

This made me so sad. I understand how you feel: my childhood home was sold after my dad died, and I didn’t have the money to buy it at the time. By the time I DID have the money, someone else was living there…..

21 12 2011

Somebody is living in my old house too, but I plan to offer to buy it from them.

21 12 2011

How poignant. I love the line “my childhood castle” and the line (and title) “the house that built me”

To me the best writing is like yours–observation and experience woven into something that can be enjoyed visually and intellectually but also in the heart and soul.

21 12 2011

It really was, it seemed so large when I was so small. Poetry is my way of journaling, it helps keep me sane.

4 01 2012


22 12 2011


I discovered your blog via Diane ( Bardess DM Denton)

This is a great poem and brought back so many feelings for me! Not of what actually happened but of how awful I would feel if it did.

For some reason I have a recurring dream that our house has been sold (totally irrational as I own it and would never sell) But in my dream I see strangers about “to invade my home”. I try to tell them it’s not theirs, they are not welcome, but no words will come; I am mute. It is horrible and I would like to understand it!!!

Rant over!!


22 12 2011

Thank you and I’m so glad you dropped by to visit!!
I don’t mind rants, I’ve done quite a few myself.


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