Dear Future Self

15 11 2011

 I wrote this as a poem to my future self because sometimes we make mistakes that we look back on and hate ourselves for, but maybe those mistakes really were for the better.

Future self

Please don’t regret

Times I said

Not what I meant

You are of

My mistakes

It’s not a puzzle

That one piece makes

I am still charting

The course of our life

My map is blank

Save a thin short line

Representing time

Spent turning into you

And sailing toward


A more comforting

Shade of blue

I will struggle

And I will fall

But I will always

Rise above all

I don’t know where you are

And I barely know where you have been

But I am you

And you are me

Someday we will meet

And both see

That I did my best

For you

And for me




14 responses

16 11 2011

Wow, now I can’t tell which
I like better.

16 11 2011

Thanks! I actually wrote both of them several years ago. I was sorting through all of my old journals and found them….
And I’m pleased to meet you too!

17 11 2011

Thanks for your comment. 🙂

4 12 2011

This a wonderful reflective poem it reminds of one my dad read to me as a child but that not as all encompassing as yours. I think it was notes to a future self or some such. Yours on the other hand seems to be looking forward as well as back. It is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

4 12 2011

It’s one of those poems I recite to myself when my life is not going well and I am glad you enjoyed it so! Your words of praise mean very much!

5 12 2011
Jackie Blair McSween

What a great poem on self acceptance of the past present and future.
Thanks for following my blog

5 12 2011

Thank you and you’re welcome! I enjoyed visiting it!

14 12 2011

Love this; so honest, true and universal for us all, I believe! 🙂

14 12 2011

Thank you, I hate to show favoritism toward my own poems but this is one of my favorites.

14 12 2011

Don’t you think it’s okay for the writers to be happy with their product? I think it’s just fine! I really liked this one, too, and also that it’s written from a unique perspective! 🙂

14 12 2011

It’s funny how we are always ourselves, but when we look back we can seem like a different person.

14 12 2011

Very true and insightful~

19 01 2012

Just found this post. I identify with it a lot. Good stuff.

19 01 2012

Thank you!!
And thanks for dropping by!!


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