The Balrog

14 12 2011

-I  recently read Jabberwocky (I think I spelled it correctly) and was inspired by Lewis Carroll to write my own poem about a made up creature using made up words. Despite the plethora of made up words, you still understand his poem very well, and I hope it is the same way with mine.  If any of you are Lord of the Rings fans, then you will recognize the name of my creature. 

Tall was the scarocious Balrog

How his tail slickered

When his next meal caught his eye

He womped through the towns

And as he swallowed people down

He let out a satisfied sigh

His teeth were flackish and jaggedy

His breath was rank

And his eyes flinted back and forth

His roar was loud as it martled through the hills

Tall was the scarocious Balrog

Until one day, when a tourist took his picture

And like all things unbelievable

He faded into myth



4 responses

14 12 2011

YEA!! Bravo hooray for the Tall was the scarocious Balrog he is sarious!!

14 12 2011

haha perhaps one day a true monster will be discovered…I’m still holding out for the Loch Ness Monster…

14 12 2011

Really nice …love the ending 🙂

14 12 2011

Thank you, I decided that the Balrog is too classy to simply die or be killed haha


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