Unhealthy Obsession

14 12 2011

-My thanks to Jules for the organizational advice.

You are the one I think of late at night

The name I softly whisper in spite

Of how bad you are for me

The key to my self-imposed prison

The telescope through which I see

When I think of you my mind gets mad

When I see you my heart grows glad

Without your laugh I am so alone

I’m a musician and you are my beat

But I get no notes from your heart of stone

To the end of the Earth I would follow

Your lovely words that are so hollow

Your every caress in my memory I have kept

Someday I will move on

Someday I will rip apart this bed in which I have slept

Someday I will no longer live for you

And my love hacked heart will self-renew

Shatter the Wall

8 12 2011

I’d shatter the wall

It’s just so tall

That wall it divides

And secrets hides

Silencing desperate cries

Go ahead

Pretend it’s not there

Keep the damn thing

Out of you hair

Someday it will fall

That monstrosity

Shall crush us all

Invisible, weightless

Of so many faces

The wall of oppression

The wall of hate

The wall of greed

Black-hole hearts it feeds

Just you wait

We’ll shatter that wall

With your help

It won’t be half as tall

There will come a day

When even quarks

Make prejudice look small


Oh, Wishing Well

8 12 2011

Oh, wishing well

Please do tell

The secrets of those

Whose coins have fell

Who wants to leave

Because small towns

Are so mean

Who longs for love

Straight from

The shining stars above

Who desires escape

From predestined fate

Who wishes to have

A wiped-clean slate

Who calls for something bad

On those who make them mad


What’s that,

Oh, wishing well?

You refuse to tell?

Perhaps I should have dropped my coin

In another well