The Dividing Fence

15 12 2011

– I wrote this particular poem at a time in my life when, in retrospect, I was severely depressed. I had no friends and if you have ever been in that situation, it is frustrating beyond belief. My previous school was not exactly one that promoted free thought. To me, the worst thing in this world is prejudice and that is what this poem is about.

The grass is not greener on the other side
Or so they say
Funny what those with silver spoon in mouth and bloated pride
Say as they live life leisurely day by day

It’s not for the other side I long
I only ask to change the direction my wind would blow
And to live my life by the lyrics of my own song
And escape the stupidity of their pompous show

We all try to live our life as we will
And only we can change our course
If only for a moment the world would stand still
And stop the dividing fence at its source

Then perhaps society could coexist in spite
Of the prejudice and suspicion that darkens the light

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

14 12 2011

My thanks to U2 for the title.

I’ve torn through walls

I’ve walked the Earth

A thousand times

But I still haven’t found

What I’m looking for

I’ve trekked foreign sands

And nursed sore, callous hands

I’ve lost myself in an endless wood

And I have stood at the top

Of this world

As the sun began to climb

But I still haven’t found

What I’m looking for

I’ve washed up on a sandy shore

And watched an emaciated child

Sob for just one crumb more

I’ve shut my eyes

At prejudice’s ugly rise

I will never find what I’m looking for

But join me, friend

And together we’ll search to whatever end

And find what we are looking for

Shatter the Wall

8 12 2011

I’d shatter the wall

It’s just so tall

That wall it divides

And secrets hides

Silencing desperate cries

Go ahead

Pretend it’s not there

Keep the damn thing

Out of you hair

Someday it will fall

That monstrosity

Shall crush us all

Invisible, weightless

Of so many faces

The wall of oppression

The wall of hate

The wall of greed

Black-hole hearts it feeds

Just you wait

We’ll shatter that wall

With your help

It won’t be half as tall

There will come a day

When even quarks

Make prejudice look small


The Sky Is Not The Limit

4 12 2011

Why is the sky still the limit

When we’ve already set foot on the moon

The only limit is humanity’s imagination

And skills of cooperation

When we are one people

Not a few hundred nations

We will achieve

Impossible aspirations

We will always be different

But our goals should be the same

And thus prejudice will be rendered lame

Call me an idealist

Of the greatest degree

The cruelty of some people

Ignites a fire in me

Is the unjustness we let slither by

Not unlike mass suicide?

Perfect in Theory

2 12 2011

The world is perfect in theory
Everything is black
Or white but never
Confusing shades of gray
Lips let not harsh words pass
And the beauty that emanates
From inside
Behind facades no longer hides
There is a parent
For every child
The only war
Is against prejudice
All anybody wants
Is just what they need
Because there is no such thing
As greed
Love is pure
And straight from the heart
Everyone is unique
And despite that we all
Share a heart with one beat
Because the world is perfect
In theory