My Beach

8 01 2012

My beach is wild

With birds of all kinds


My beach has shells

That crunch beneath feet


My beach has dunes

With sea oats for hair


My beach has a breeze

That blows away every care


My beach is loud

Waves crash and tumble

Seagulls squawk

Pelicans dive and gulp

I run and laugh


My beach is a haven

A natural escape

Please help my beach

Not succumb to its relatives

Sad and fake fate






When All Else Fades

6 01 2012

These are the words I want on the pamphlet given out at my funeral.  Don’t worry, I’m not suicidal or anything.  Just planning ahead.


When all else fades

Remember me

When all is gone and lost

Do not forget

When the sun sets

And the soft moon rises

Dream of a life well spent

When you stand

At the beginning of the ocean

As we so often did

Breathe in the scent of brine

And hear the cries of the gulls for me

When you look far on the horizon

And ask the curling waves why

That ship you see

With pure white sails

And an uncharted course

That is me. 



Paint Me

31 12 2011

            Paint me in a wood

                 Running with the deer

                 Paint me on the beach

Conch up to my ear

Paint me with a book

Sitting on the yard swing

Paint me in the pool

Arms spread like wings

Paint me naive

Before I ever knew

Loved ones leave

Paint me smiling too

Face punctuated by dimples

Life’s original commas

Paint me soft pastel

Preserve my innocence

Then paint me bright and bold

Atop the world in every sense

Paint me pencil in hand

Sewing words together

Paint me with my waist length hair

Adorned by an eagle feather

Paint me as I am

But not what I’m becoming

Paint me in a time

When my visage was truly mine


Dancing in the Rain

29 12 2011

Dancing in the rain

Twirling, twirling 

Droplets splashing

 I dance in the rain


Dark, dark clouds

A patchwork ceiling

The sky is having itself

A great big cry

But as for me

I’m lit with glee

Dancing in the rain

One by one

My worries are flung away

My shoes so clogged

I kick them off

Oozing mud

Between toes painted red

Water drip-drops from trees

Weighing down leaves

Hair so wet

Water gushing down gutters

Splutter, splutter








Down I fall

Into the mud

Beware the rushing flood


Clothes in ruins

Soul repaired

I lie down in the rain



So Very Right

18 12 2011

Under a shimmering blanket of stars

We lie and wait as time goes by

Away from the noise, the bustle, the cars

This singular simplicity making us high

I know I am not yet in love

Love is something forged by time

For now it is enough to know that you are mine

Our thoughts of us still pure as a dove

My soul is soaring like a kite

Carried away by the sweet air of tonight

The words unsaid and bond formed someday just might

Create a love so very right

A Few Haiku

16 12 2011

-I decided to try a new form, haiku.  Writing these three haiku was the most liberating and limiting experience I have ever had.  I was liberated from extraneous words and was forced to simplify my expressions and say more with less.  I was limited in that I often found myself merely one syllable over, a very frustrating position.  I plan to write more in the future and I hope you enjoy!!



His long tail twitches

Eyes wide watching his quarry

The agile cat hunts


A vast world contained

An escape from normalcy

Just look in a book


Thoughts sit in my mind

Icicles on tree branches

They melt, I forget



I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

14 12 2011

My thanks to U2 for the title.

I’ve torn through walls

I’ve walked the Earth

A thousand times

But I still haven’t found

What I’m looking for

I’ve trekked foreign sands

And nursed sore, callous hands

I’ve lost myself in an endless wood

And I have stood at the top

Of this world

As the sun began to climb

But I still haven’t found

What I’m looking for

I’ve washed up on a sandy shore

And watched an emaciated child

Sob for just one crumb more

I’ve shut my eyes

At prejudice’s ugly rise

I will never find what I’m looking for

But join me, friend

And together we’ll search to whatever end

And find what we are looking for