What Is Shown Versus the Hidden Unknown

17 01 2012

I hate you

I just want to talk

You killed my heart

Once upon a time you made it grow

You made a fool of me

I fell hard for you

The heart-tears you put me through

The smiles you put on my face

You cheated on me

I still want you

I hope you’re damn happy

I’m not

You don’t deserve me

I’m the only one who understands you

You’ll never hear from me again

If I call, will you answer?

It was all your fault

And mine too

You’ll never find another like me

No one makes me laugh like you

Good riddance

I weep for us

I wrote this because we so often put on that angry face and hide how we truly feel because we don’t want to be considered pathetic.

Many of my love poems have been in existence for several weeks, I have to wait to publish those because I have to get over the feelings.

Andrea Z.


He Shot Me Down

12 01 2012

I was a high-flying plane

A migratory bird

A hot air balloon

Happy as a clown

But then he shot me down

Down, Down, Down

Still happy as a clown

A very stupid clown

I fell in love with the ground

Terra firma was nice

But pure joy has a price

A love swollen heart

I was told would suffice

So small a fee

I seemed to me

I had traded my heart for lies

And watched my fantasy

Unravel before my eyes

That cruel boy

He shot me down

With arrows dipped

In liquid lies of love

But I escaped

Higher, Higher, Higher

And patched myself up

Love is something

Of which I’ve had enough




Angry Tree

5 01 2012

Sorry guys!!! I haven’t been visiting anybody’s blog or responding to comments.  I’m working on my History Fair project which is on the contributions of the Royal Society to the Scientific Revolution, is taking over my life.  I just had to put this poem on here though, while the feelings were still fresh.  Hopefully in a week or so my life will return to normal! 🙂


Stop trying babe

I see right through your lies

Outrageous as they are

They don’t impress

And I’m offended

You think they’d work on me

Perhaps it worked on the last one

Your facade of a grand life

Assholes are no fun

So step down off your fake throne

Maldito cromañon

I liked your humor before you changed

Or maybe I just finally started looking

Once you listened

Now you just talk

And my words you ignore

I will feed your ego no more

So, I like to read

Sorry I’m literate

I hate your music

Who listens to Tenacious D?

Not anyone who deserves me.

Yes, I write poetry


I said it

Now deal with it

Face the facts babe

I’m smart

Writing is my art

I’m a science geek

And I’m the only girl

Your good looks and slick words

Don’t turn soft and weak

Stop this crap

Or you’d better believe

I’ll make like a tree and leave


So Very Right

18 12 2011

Under a shimmering blanket of stars

We lie and wait as time goes by

Away from the noise, the bustle, the cars

This singular simplicity making us high

I know I am not yet in love

Love is something forged by time

For now it is enough to know that you are mine

Our thoughts of us still pure as a dove

My soul is soaring like a kite

Carried away by the sweet air of tonight

The words unsaid and bond formed someday just might

Create a love so very right

Tacit Treaty

17 12 2011

We exchanged no words

But after a shared smile

We both new our friendship

Was okay

No words were needed to say

Its revival

The climb to where we used to be

Has begun its first mile

Knowing you miss me

As much as I miss you

Allowed the collapsed chamber of my heart to renew

I know it will take time

But I have hope

That your heart will heal along with mine

Unhealthy Obsession

14 12 2011

-My thanks to Jules for the organizational advice.

You are the one I think of late at night

The name I softly whisper in spite

Of how bad you are for me

The key to my self-imposed prison

The telescope through which I see

When I think of you my mind gets mad

When I see you my heart grows glad

Without your laugh I am so alone

I’m a musician and you are my beat

But I get no notes from your heart of stone

To the end of the Earth I would follow

Your lovely words that are so hollow

Your every caress in my memory I have kept

Someday I will move on

Someday I will rip apart this bed in which I have slept

Someday I will no longer live for you

And my love hacked heart will self-renew

Friend, I’m Sorry

9 12 2011

Friend, I’m sorry

For all the pain

We’ve given and received

In this pointless game

Please, I want you back

Our connection

It meant so much

I’m over that rift

And I hope you are too

Please pretend it’s spring

And let us renew

Words do no justice

To how much I miss you

What we might have become

Doesn’t matter right now

I want your forgiveness

Just tell me how

A chamber of my heart


When I stopped being with you

Friend, I’m sorry

I want us to talk

Take a long walk

You never meant so much to me

As when we started to pretend

The other was not there to see

AZ to SE