Glass Garden

11 04 2012

Fragile glass garden

So sharp and picturesque

Flowers of ice

Transparent leaves

Glass Garden

Nothing dies

It simply shatters

No one walks

No birds sing

To enter is to bleed

On sinister shards

The ornate bench

Is not for sitting

The daisies are not

For plucking and placing

Behind your ear

Blatantly untouchable

Starkly impersonal

Cold glass garden


Shhh, be quiet


A rose just fell

Did you see it shine

And tease the light

Into revealing its true colors

Brilliant hues

Of stolen colors

That’s what makes it

This glass garden

Stolen shades

And delicate glass

Suspended above

Bloody footsteps





11 responses

11 04 2012

what a sad place this garden sounds.But a great poem. xxx

11 04 2012
The Emu

Well written story of a glass garden, if somewhat sad

11 04 2012

Thanks, I’m not sure what I meant by writing it. I think it is because sometimes raw beauty, although aesthetically pleasing, is often painful.
Andrea xx

12 04 2012
Soma Mukherjee

oh this is beautiful 🙂

12 04 2012

Thank you!!

12 04 2012
C.B. Wentworth

My imagination is going into overdrive with all of these wonderful visuals! I like the contrast between delicate petals and shards of glass. 🙂

13 04 2012

Thanks! Gardens are usually peaceful places and I liked the idea of one that was only peaceful on the surface.

19 04 2012

I feel it is about the threat to the environment,…the fragility of our amazing planet that ‘we’ have just not taken enough care of. That we are killing our very lifesource…’bloody footsteps’ left behind so we will not get away with it.

Beautiful piece, Andrea!

19 04 2012

Wow!! You’re interpretation is amazing!! Everyone seems to get something different out of this one.
Andrea XOXO

4 05 2012
Ben Naga

Jardin d’amour.

4 05 2012

O jardin de dolor??
Or are they the same


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