I’ve Missed This Place!

2 04 2012

Well, hello dear friends. It’s been a while. At first, I wasn’t getting on because my muse had lost its oomph, so to speak. It still hasn’t been regained, but I’m working on it.  I was also going through a lot of personal changes as well. Still am, but when do they stop? I also had lost sight of my original intentions for this blog. Poetry is a lost art. It is a fantastic way to convey messages, ideas, and opinions. I think it is topics like this that will make this art relevant. I think poetry needs to be made more accessible. In English, we read poets from centuries ago. I enjoy these poets and their genius, but most do not. I think it is time we started teaching poetry of our contemporaries. I’ve read poems on here that should be in my literature book. They are written to a modern audience. They are in the vernacular, so to speak.

I started this blog to write, share, and enjoy the written word. But I started paying attention to views and followers and comments. All very good indicators, but they take away from this blog as an outlet for my feelings and were beginning to add stress. So, I stopped for a breath.

I haven’t written very much recently and what I have written is very different, I think, from what I used to write. I did, and still do, analyze issues in society. The past few weeks, months (I haven’t counted) have been spent analyzing ME. I started to write solely for the sake of therapy. I refer to those poems as “Chalkboard Me”. I probably will post a few of those in the future, including the introductory one I wrote.

Bottom Line:I’m glad I’m back, but believe me I had to leave



10 responses

2 04 2012

Glad to have you back, Andrea, and when blogging becomes stressful, it is time to take a much needed breath! This is supposed to be fun, but it can be a bit daunting, at times. I get stressed not being able to stay caught up, but I think I’ve learned to just do the best I can to support others and appreciate the support I receive in return. Anyway, take care and hugs! xx

2 04 2012

That’s all you can do sometimes 🙂
Hope you’ve been well

3 04 2012

Good to have you back, I understand the need to step away from blogging sometimes otherwise you tend to become committed and lose the Munsa or heart

7 04 2012

Thanks, my priorities had become too unaligned for my tastes
Andrea xxx
Happy Easter!!!

3 04 2012

Welcome back you have been missed!

4 04 2012

Thank you!! I have missed everyone on here too!! I think that you guys provide so much inspiration for me so when I wasn’t on, I wasn’t inspired.
Andrea xxxxx

3 04 2012
El Guapo

Great to see you, and glad you took time off so you could concentrate on what’s important to you!

4 04 2012

Yeah, it definitely was needed, but I’ve been aching to get back on, all of you guys are such a hoot 😉
Andrea xxx

10 04 2012

Missed you Andrea…was only thinking this morning that I hadn’t got notice of any posts from you for a while. But I totally understand. The muse is a moody creature, isn’t it? Well, really it plays hide-n-seek too well sometimes…or should I say ‘ill’. Anyway, glad you are back!

11 04 2012

Great to be back!! You are all so supportive of my writing!! Words could never express my gratitude!!


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