I Walked on Rainbow

27 02 2012

So, I wrote this last night. Inspiration is unclear still, but it seemed apropos considering it’s my birthday, even if it’s a little depressing.  So much has happened in this year alone, I feel ninety instead of sixteen. New school, new city, new friends, LOVE (which wasn’t something I had to deal with at my last school). I promise at some point here I will get around to everyone’s pages. Recent personal  happenings are keeping my schedule a little erratic.

Cheers from the new old lady 😉

There was a time so long ago

When my feet touched nothin’ but rainbow

I skipped

And I hopped

I ran

And I danced

Me myself and I

Needed no romance

The sky was blue

And the grass was green

Everything I had

Was all I could need

No worries

No pain

No cold hard truth

My worst hurt was when

I lost a baby tooth

Reality was too big

For my naive eyes to see

My world was so small

I bounced of its walls with glee

And my feet touched nothin’ but rainbow

Colors shimmered and scattered

With my every footfall

Dropping down like painted tears

Of course I thought they were only rain

Tears are for those who have experienced pain

That rainbow was once so wide

I had to run a mile to the other side

It slowly shrank

As I grew up

Until I was on tip toes

And then one day


I fell down

Off my rainbow

Like a bird from its nest

It had just disappeared

And so childhood’s fog cleared

I knew not where to go

Having lost my compass of a rainbow

For a while I was lost

And I probably still am

It’s much harder to find one’s way

On crude, solid land

My pot of gold exists somewhere

And I’ll keep on looking

Even though life’s not always fair



22 responses

27 02 2012
El Guapo

Happy birthday, Andrea.

And so you know, it’s even better when you find the rainbow again later on.
Hope the year holds everything you hope for!

27 02 2012

I LOVE that so much ANDREA 🙂 it describes what I feel to

27 02 2012
Gabby Angel

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Also, I loved your poem! 🙂

28 02 2012
Vampire Weather

Our birthdays seem to coincide. What a lovely poem, dear Andrea. Forgive me for being absent lately. Your skill has not diminished in my absence, obviously 🙂

28 02 2012

Really? Well, Happy Birthday to you as well!!! Tis’ the day of poets, I suppose 😉
Andrea xx

28 02 2012

A beautiful writing on the innocence we all one day lose
Congratulations on your birthday and never give up on chasing rainbows

28 02 2012

Thank you!!
Hope you are well!!
Andrea xxxx

28 02 2012

Tell you what, Treasure. This is probably the best piece of work I’ve read all day. I’ve had it up to here with naval gazing twaddle, yours is real. If there’s one more mention of disdain or vain or mirrors or what the hell else I will explode, yours is bloody real! Ok, not brilliant technically but who cares.

Now you’re a fully qualified member of the Old Bags Club you have a rep to keep up!


28 02 2012

16???? You’re still a baby, LOL! 😀 Just wait until you turn 50! Happy belated birthday! xx

28 02 2012
Soma Mukherjee

Oh The poem is so beautiful..
Wish you a very Happy birthday
may you find more colours to tip toe on 🙂

29 02 2012

Beautiful poem, I like it!

Happy Birthday, dear Andrea!

Francina xx

29 02 2012
Thomas Davis

May rainbows always find you even when life splashes mud everywhere and a storm is brewing.

29 02 2012

Beautiful, Andrea, and Happy belated Birthday and many wishes for many rainbows to come! (and if you’re old, I’m ancient 🙂 )

2 03 2012
Autumn Sunshine

Tag you’re it!! Come check it out 😉 http://autumn-sunshine.net/blogs

4 03 2012

OH! what can I say, that is such an amazing poem. You are such an amazing young woman… Happy Birthday sorry it is late ! Be happy learn life’s slowly and surely ! XX

5 03 2012

Happy Birthday, lady!! 🙂 And remember – Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional! 😛

5 03 2012

Belated happy birthday, Andrea! Hope you had a wonderful day…full of love! That child in you need not be lost…let your tears still be rain knowing that the sun will shine again…and thus rainbows are created…and the treasures of living are still there as long as you believe.

I must add that I really love this poem…and even at my much older age, found something to calm and encourage me as my life changes yet again in ways I may not be able to control as I want. Thank you!

11 03 2012

What a beautiful poem!

12 03 2012
Autumn Sunshine

I have nominated you for the Hope Unites Globally (HUG) Award. If you choose to accept this award, here are the guidelines: http://ahopefortoday.com/2012/01/14/hope-unites-globally-hug-award-guidelines/ Thank you for making the world a better place with your writing.

check here for details: http://autumn-sunshine.net/blogs/

19 03 2012

Well…youth does pass but you have plenty left…and one day Love will put you back on top of the rainbow.

14 04 2012
Numero Uno


14 04 2012


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