The Oak and The Willow

14 02 2012

Tall and strong

The stoic oak stands

Protecting all around him

Roots forcing through earth

Like wooden waves frozen by time

His branches are a city

For the small forest dwellers

Some distance from him in a clearing

Stands a willow

Who ripples with the wind

Forever in an effortless bend

Graceful as a ballerina

Who never had to practice

Was born with the mere essence

Of fluidity

No one lives in her slender branches

They are long like pale green hair

Admired and coveted

She is the epitome of ethereal


Yet resilient

The oak and pine scoff

They stand tall

And they stand proud

Yet they will never have one thing sublime

A simple deception

The humble are often the strongest



17 responses

14 02 2012

Lovely poem thank you so much!

14 02 2012

Hope the sun rises for you very soon! xxxxxxx

14 02 2012

I love the imagery. Very nice.

14 02 2012

Thank you!!

14 02 2012

Nice extended metaphors here – I like. 🙂

19 02 2012

Thanks! I decided to try a narrative poem, it’s not something I have really done before.

14 02 2012
El Guapo

Beautiful images you’ve summoned.
I like to think the oak and the willow complement each other…

19 02 2012

Hmmmm, good point.

16 02 2012
Vampire Weather

The humble have trunks
That may bend in the breeze
To spare them from breaking
When life becomes tense
The humble have stamina
Down on their knees
Where life is worth taking
And living makes sense

A beautiful work of art, Andrea! Wonderfully said

17 02 2012

“The humble have stamina down on their knees”
That is a quote for my wall!!
Andrea xx

17 02 2012
Ben Naga

Quietly rooting for the willow then?

17 02 2012

Not necessarily, but the flexible adapt and therefore survive.

17 02 2012
Thomas Davis

I remember writing poetry as a teenager, but I do not remember writing either this clearly or this well. I suspect I was too tied up in my own angst to really know what I was saying or wanted to say. Reading this poem convinces me of one thing: You have a lot of talent and will, if you stick to it, develop into a major poetic voice. I really like this poem.

19 02 2012

Thank you! I was recently reading some poetry by Philip Levine, the current US Poet Laureate and his poetry strikes me as irrelevant. To me, a poem or any other piece of literature for that matter, is useless if I does not convey a meaning or a moral in a way that everyone can understand.
I wouldn’t mind being Poet Laureate, though they all seem rather old so I might have to wait a while 🙂
Thanks for visiting!

21 02 2012

Very beautiful poem, Andrea!

Ciao, Francina

25 02 2012

Andrea, this is wonderful! One of your best, both in the words you chose and ‘arranged’ for the visual and the meaning that is beautiful and so true. Nature tells it the way it is…sometimes powerfully and sometimes softly and almost inaudibly.

It’s hard to pick any favorite lines, but the following really is most lovely, most excellent:

‘Graceful as a ballerina
Who never had to practice
Was born with the mere essence
Of fluidity’

2 04 2012

Beautiful poem! It’s really amazing- we love your blog-and are following you 🙂


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