A Swim With Death

13 02 2012

I was swimming in open ocean

And quickly growing slow and weary

I saw a shadow swim out to me

And at first I could not see clearly

But soon the infamous visage was near

And he grinned and said “Come my dear, you’re safe with me,”

Now I was young but I was witty

And I told sly Death “Dear sir I am doing quite well.”

“Those yonder swells are just plain petite for I am a child of the sea,”

He chuckled a sound from his deep hollow chest and said

“Darling you swim the wrong way for land is east not west,”

Sly Death he tried to fool me

“Oh but Sir Death that overhanging star is where I head.”

“Under its light I swim to the north for it is there that lies the land”

” Now I’m really quite busy and I’d appreciate it if your words you canned”

His eyes then hardened like lava in water

And then I knew I had angered Death

So I hurried on into a large oncoming crest

“It’s a long way,” he said “To that little speck of dirt,”

“Now Death you have forgotten, I am a child of the sea,”

“And this final mile it has yet to even hurt

Death swam closer and at him I glared

My heart it fluttered and faintly scared

But my face was stoic and Death was not aware

I swam in silence and him in darkness

As the sun fired a bloody red

Death lagged behind as I grew closer to shore

The water was cold and I shivered to my very core

His voice was tender as he vengefully said

“Dear child you are weak please come ,”

“In my kingdom for you there lies a warm and downy bed,”

” No I will not. I am a child of the sea and you will not claim me,”

I was almost there but my lungs pleaded “Air!”

The water was inviting

The escape enticing

But Death did not have me

For I was and will forever be

A strong-willed child of the sea



15 responses

13 02 2012
El Guapo

Love this imagery. Makes me think of old Greek and Roman myths

13 02 2012

I did just read the Odyssey……

13 02 2012
Step On a Crack


13 02 2012

Gracias, mi amiga!!!
Andrea xxx

13 02 2012

Wonderful, wonderful one of your very best i love the way you described death. A great poem full of meaning open and hidden. Xx

13 02 2012

Thank you, I decided that I wanted to do a poem about Death, but not one of the depressing ones, Death too is overcome
Andrea xxxx

24 02 2012

“Death too is overcome.” How right you are my talented friend. A deep piece!

24 02 2012

Gracias!! Hope the sun is shining on your side of the world!!
Andrea xoxo

13 02 2012

Love the descriptions the imagery the way u described death WELL DONE 🙂

13 02 2012

Holler!! lol
Andrea xxx

16 02 2012
Vampire Weather

As an ocean lover…I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Amazing. I have no more words. Amazing!

17 02 2012

Gracias!! xxx 😉

17 02 2012
Thomas Davis

A strong-willed child of the sea…
Wonderful image. I believe you just did read Homer. Your conversation with Death is powerful, like the poem about the soldiers. The personification of death especially works well. Good work.

19 02 2012

Death can be portrayed so many ways. It’s always a man though, I’ll have to work on a female death sometime, much scarier thought 😉

25 02 2012

Very Edgar Allen Poe…love the conversation with death…the strength of will (as well as your swimming prowess) you show here.

Another winner, Andrea!


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