History Fair: Survival of the Fittest

2 02 2012

Sorry, I’ve been gone for almost a week.  I have two words. History. Fair.  If you are the parent of a child who has ever done one, then you know what I’m talking about, if not, then go check out this link www.nationalhistoryday.org   Hopefully my verses give you an idea My topic was “The Royal Society and the Scientific Revolution. I was the only person in the entire school who did that. The most popular topic by far was The Beatles. Gee, I wonder why. I chose to do an exhibit for several reasons, the main one being that I possess neither the time nor the patience to find the large number of sources needed for a research paper.

I promise to get around to checking out everybody’s pages ASAP. I have a bunch of comments to respond to and a Spanish oral presentation to memorize so it will probably be tomorrow or this weekend.

These are not my best verses, but history doesn’t usually rhyme anyway………

xoxo Andrea


Sit down my friends

Listen close

And I will tell you of a historical toil

So please with me bear

As I orate on the torture that is History Fair

“Revolution, Reaction, and Reform”

From this theme your topic must be born

Your topic must relate to the theme

And by that I mean

What was changed?

Was it good or bad?

Then you must cite sources

Primary and secondary

To make your bibliography

If that was hard

You just wait

For now it’s time to annotate

What is your source about?

Does it have any clout?

Why did it help you?

So much information to carry!

Now the fun begins

Will it be a research paper

A wordy history

Or perhaps an exhibit

For the visually strong

There are of course

Websites and documentaries

For the tech-savvy

Once it’s put together

Write your process paper

About where your research was done

How it relates to the theme

And why you chose it

After you turn it in

Go and collapse on the couch

And hibernate for a few days




17 responses

2 02 2012
El Guapo

Nothing like suffering to get the creative expression going.
Hope you did well at the fair!

6 02 2012

Government funded masochism 😉

2 02 2012

well done that girl, it is all over now , you may have a lolly! Well done!!! xxxx

6 02 2012

Spring break isn’t coming soon enough….
Andrea xxx

3 02 2012
Step On a Crack

Darn good verse for a busy scholar! Way to go!

XO Jen

6 02 2012

Thank you xoxo it’s good to be back

5 02 2012

I enjoyed the verse. I didn’t know you’d been gone a week, I only cruise around when I can myself. I haven’t done a history fair, no (with my son). You’re scaring me!

6 02 2012

It’s really stressful because you have it on top of all of your other classes, in retrospect it was a good learning experience though.

6 02 2012
Vampire Weather

You’ve been missed
I confess
My concern
I repressed
Then I started to think
Maybe you went away!
But I’m thankful to know
You are back from your week
And your poems are still
Just as lovely it seems 🙂

6 02 2012

Why thank you 😉 I have about thirty that I wrote between citing sources

6 02 2012

I placed at state with my
project on Ancient Egypt’s
religion. Every one else
did mumies and pyrimids.
I had a model temple who’s
roof opened up to reveal
the mysteries within.

Here’s a hint – model
buildings can be made
simply by coating floral
foam and/or cardboard
with sheetrock mud.

6 02 2012

You are a genius 😉 I bow down before you
Mine was on one of those trifold boards lol

7 02 2012

And forgive my brevity as I have been and still am sick with some sinus-y cough bug…

The main thing here is that you crammed some fine poetry in-between researching and writing what you had to and not necessarily what you wanted to!

But you didn’t hear me say that your poetry was more important than your schoolwork…

8 02 2012

Hope you feel better, I despise being sick!! You are totally right, poetry definitely isn’t more important than school 😉
Andrea xxxx

16 02 2012
Ben Naga

“Horses for courses.”

In this case, the horses seem to be forced to become beasts of burden with a load to bear. 🙂

19 02 2012
Thomas Davis

Reminds me of my undergraduate days when I was determined to become a historian. I ended up in Education, higher learning to be more exact, but I still love history, but I remember Watson Parker, who was a well known historian and my favorite history professor. He thought nothing of requiring to write a one page primary document research paper for every class period, believe that any undergraduate should be able to read at least three or four history tomes and semester, and then expected you to do a term paper at the end. That’s the nature of college, I’m afraid, and though I am a Dean who would prefer to be a professor, I have to admit in the classes they do let me teach I’m probably as difficult to the students as your professors are on you. I apologize for us all, but school is more important in the short run than poetry, although in the long run poetry is central to life.

19 02 2012

Oh I agree totally! My schooling is first and foremost in my life. I haven’t been on here the past few days because I was working on a paper for my AP Human Geography class.
I enjoy history a great deal and acknowledge that my research skills have been bettered because of History Fair, but the stress I could have done without.

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