Slippery Truth

25 01 2012

Whisper, whisper in the dark

Poison arrows hit their mark

Shredding me up inside

Soul debris in constant collide

The chance to know starts to entice

Thirst for knowledge, such a vice

That slippery gray truth it will

My soul and sanity slowly kill

Like an addicted cat I want to know

That thing that taunts my eyes to and fro

Don’t tempt me, damn curiosity

The end to this torture I cannot see

It’s pure masochism, I suppose

This desire for a truth that nobody knows



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25 01 2012
Vampire Weather

Whisper the beauty of making the future
Whisper the beauty of shaping the truth
You are the secret the world should discover
Truth is a flower that blossoms in you

A lovely and dark verse. Beautifully done!

25 01 2012

Thank you, it would seem that truth is a shape-shifter, many things to many people

25 01 2012

Andrea, this is beautiful, in a dark way, as VW wrote and I see that your sweet sixteen is coming up..I can’t believe you’re only fifteen; so very talented! And…your bday is the same as my hubby’s; a wonderful day, it is! 🙂

26 01 2012

Really?! It was also Elizabeth Taylor’s….
Andrea xx

26 01 2012

I love it !

26 01 2012


26 01 2012

This is beauty.

**Shredding me up inside

Soul debris in constant collide**

Seem much more mature than your tender years…

26 01 2012

I generally attribute it to the fact that I am an only child raised by a single parent, but it could be because I read so very much. I am just my age in other areas though, or maybe less.

27 01 2012

OH! I love that poem what command of words what flow…. great!! XX

1 02 2012

very well written poem, Andrea!

2 02 2012

Awesome…..loved this!

2 02 2012

Thank you, truth has always fascinated me, as it comes in so many forms

10 02 2012
Ben Naga

“That slippery gray truth”.

Slyly clever and witty. 🙂

12 02 2012

That’s what we have to be to trick the truth

12 02 2012
Ben Naga

If only … 😛

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