Midnight Murder

23 01 2012

Five gunshots resonated in the night

Waking me up in a startling fright

I brushed it off, nothing could be wrong

But then I heard the ambulance’s song

And quickly proceeded to bite my nails

Thoughts of  a murder and all it entails

I made up a thousand stories in my head

Though nothing could mask the worry and dread

Not a mile from my home a soul just went dead

The ambulance resumed its death-tolling cry

As it lit up my neighborhood and charged right on by

Eventually I fell into a stiff-no good sleep

So scared was I to make a peep

The next morn I studied the news

But failed to find any useful clues

To a murder that last night had happened

Surely a disaster not deliriously imagined



15 responses

23 01 2012
C.B. Wentworth

Ooo, chilling. 🙂 But very written.

23 01 2012
C.B. Wentworth

Ooop . . . “well-written”

23 01 2012

It’s cool, damn keyboards lol
Thank you, I have been practicing with my narrative poetry, it has never been a strong point of mine

23 01 2012
El Guapo

Very nice. True story?

23 01 2012

The gunshots were, but the rest was my overactive imagination at 1:00 AM

23 01 2012

Great poem lets hope it was all a dream!

23 01 2012

The gunshots weren’t but the rest was
Andrea xx

23 01 2012

Scary to know the gunshots were real, but great writing, Andrea! 🙂

23 01 2012
Vampire Weather

A frightful night indeed it seems
And fraught with such unrestful dreams
But I confess a gratefulness
That you are safe and they did miss


24 01 2012

Why thank you, my dream catcher must be full 😉

25 01 2012
The Emu

The sounds of sirens on a quiet night
bring fear and dread to all in sight
A mother , a son , a daughter ,a wife
The sounds of sirens
Another life

Well written my friend

25 01 2012

So sad, i bow my head when one passes by
Andrea xx

25 01 2012

Very well written… overactive imaginations are so creative. 🙂

25 01 2012

Fatally so 🙂

26 01 2012

I am not imagining… very well written.


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