Coup de Grâce

16 01 2012

She was down on the ground

Balled up in defiant defeat

He had her in his palm

One last kick

At her shaky pride

His victor’s grin

He could not hide

She told him he’d won

He said he wasn’t done with the fun

She told him to leave

Find someone else to torture

With words so very cold

And threats so very bold

He said the last spurn would be his

And he made it so

Her mind and body red and raw

He raised his fist

A coward’s coup de grâce




18 responses

16 01 2012

OH! that is a strong and worthy poem! Too many shits like him , and they win, they win but we must not let them! here is one I wrote a while back and this one where the woman gets revenge But I do love you poetry.xx

16 01 2012

They should all be shot in the balls. Repeatedly.

16 01 2012
Ben Naga

Do I detect a subtle hint of anger? 😉

16 01 2012

Maybe…….. 😉

16 01 2012
El Guapo

Sounds like in the end, she still wins.
Because he’s a $%^&*(.
Just sayin.

17 01 2012

Oh yes, in defiance revenge is exacted

16 01 2012
Eric Alagan

She took everything he dished out. I wonder how much can he take if the roles were reversed. Chicken shit coward is he….don’t hit him, don’t smear your hands with his shit.

17 01 2012

Explicitly true, my friend.

16 01 2012

Wow, could almost swear you met my ex! He may have had his moment but I threw his ass in jail and took my life back 😀

17 01 2012

That’s my girl!! We gotta fight back sometimes, only we don’t even have to use our fists
Girl power!!
Andrea xoxo

17 01 2012
Vampire Weather

Such blazing emotions. While I would echo the empowerment other commentors voiced in defense of the victim, I cannot stand in judgment of either of them. I sense injustice, and I wonder why. Thank you for sharing this deeply intimate and violent work. Your work is always so strong.

For every lifted hand to strike
There is a hand who would caress
Do not retreat from love and life
But relocate and re-invest


17 01 2012

Thank you, and the girl is not me, but my late friend. It was several years ago, and I just found the words.
He was rich and had lawyers and was never sentenced.

18 01 2012

A coup de grace it may have been
But a coward to death , he will always be seen

19 01 2012

I so hope karma is twice visited upon him and those like him.

19 01 2012

Perhaps even thrice

20 01 2012

You said it: ‘A coward’s coup de grâce’

You made violence into a dangerous dance. Very effective…very chilling.

20 01 2012

I do not understand how a person can be that way and live with themselves.

21 01 2012

Andrea, your emotions come through loud and clear; a very sad and tragic situation, but you conveyed it perfectly…here’s one that I wrote awhile ago, not having experienced this myself, but feeling for those who have:


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