The South in Haiku

12 01 2012

Sorry, I couldn't make the picture any bigger. The South is the farthest region down on the right, in dark green

I am from the south. Most days I am proud to be a southern belle, but sometimes I am not.  Please do not think that these haiku are exact representations of the south.  As a matter of fact, they represent the general stereotypes of the south.  Many of my readers are not from the US, and I wanted to give them a taste of where I am from.  The haiku below do not represent the entire, distinct culture down here.  There are in between’s and also a great deal of cultural diversity.

The above picture shows vernacular regions, also called perceptual regions.  Vernacular regions are not formal regions and exist only in our minds.  A more global example would be the middle east. Other maps will show different shading and generally the southernmost part of Florida (my home, the little part jutting out at the bottom right) is not included.  Remember, vernacular regions are what society makes of them



How big is your truck

How muddy are your old boots

How redneck are you


Do be god-fearing

Don’t accept progress and change

Stay stubborn as hell


Oh look, it’s a deer

Let me get my brand new gun

BAM! Look at that rack*


* refers to the size of a deer’s antlers



Please come in and sit

Southern hospitality

Will never turn down


Condensation falls

Sliding down a tall clear glass

I love my sweet tea


Great big families

Always there, love and support

There no matter what










18 responses

12 01 2012
El Guapo

“* refers to the size of a deer’s antlers”
Love that you had to specify this in relation to the South.
I’ve spent very little time there, but hope to add to it…

Great set – entertaining and educational.

12 01 2012

Thank you! I wasn’t sure if everyone would know it or not lol………..

12 01 2012

Boy I love them all.

12 01 2012

Thank you, and I loved your haiku!!
Was that your first one?
You embraced the form so very well!! xxxxx

12 01 2012
Ben Naga

Can I say that, as a UK resident (and remembering that since World War II (if not I) the UK is some ways a bastard US state) I recognise every stereotype you describe here. Yin and Yang anyone?

12 01 2012

lol, I agree, I think I was born in the wrong part of the US, being liberal and atheist haha

13 01 2012
The Emu

Enjoyed that look into your world my friend and your hates and likes
Glad us bloody Emu’s dont have racks , otherwise I would be hanging on a damn wall

14 01 2012

Yes but if I’m not mistaken you could be considered an exceptionally large turkey lol. There was a park in a small town in Georgia where I used to live that had about twenty emus in it. I used to feed them bread everyday and I recall how adorable the babies were.
Warm wishes from freezing Florida!

13 01 2012
Step On a Crack

I love these! My husbands family is from Kentucky and there is a DEFINITE way you are supposed to act. I love the way you turn so much southern imagery into HAIKU of all things! Oddly, I could see these being the chorus to so many country songs!

Very clever, observant and well done!

Peace, Jen

14 01 2012

Thank you, I have heard a few country songs in my time lol

14 01 2012

That’s funny… I live in South Jersey. When people think of Jersey all they hear and see is the Jersey shore and the armpit of NYC, North Jersey. South Jersey is still mostly farmland and believe it or not a place called ‘Cowtown’ with its own rodeo. I Like the map.. 🙂

14 01 2012

Really? I had no idea, I hate the impression stereotypes and tv shows give us

14 01 2012
Vampire Weather

I have lived in the south, and I find that every locale has its beauty and its scars. I found such loveliness in the southern hospitality. I found such stubbornness in the vein of progress as well. I look back with fond memories and look forward to visiting there again someday. Thank you for sharing these vivid descriptions that I taste so clearly

14 01 2012

Yes, I have relatives in DC that I often visit and people give me such odd looks when I hold a door open for them.
I enjoy messing with waiters by ranting and raving when they don’t have grits or sweet tea lol

15 01 2012

I LOVED these haiku. Unfortunately, my experiences of & in the South (I was stationed there when I was in the military) weren’t that great…..

15 01 2012

Oh, I’m sorry 😦
If I may ask, what part of the south were you in?

17 01 2012

I’m from the gulf coast! Greatest food
north of Mexico . . . as long as you don’t
ask what your eating . . .

(Eats Kowala)

(Quotes obnoxious Bibel verse –
about how God said it was Okay
to eat Kowalas.)

“Hey let me see that Bibel.”

(Beats him with it.)

17 01 2012

It is amazing, especially raw oysters, not kidding, I love those things
And spanish mackerel, now my stomach is growling


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