Here We Are

1 01 2012

Here we are

We have arrived

At end of this well-traveled circle

Now it’s time to start again

Let the year 2012 begin!

From 2011 take only what you need

Come my friends and follow my lead

Let’s take this first drop

With no brakes to stop

Us from zooming straight through

Let’s start with a bang

And as the wise man said

Be the change

We want to see in the world

Remember the mistakes

Of the past year

And approach new obstacles

In control of our fear

We are one

All touched by the same rays

Of the life-giving sun

As we tumble off the cliff of 2011

To the new one of 2012






12 responses

1 01 2012

Woowho!! I love flying!! Great poem!! xxx

1 01 2012

haha thank you! Me too! I’ve always wanted to go skydiving…..
Andrea xxxx

1 01 2012

Some wonderful suggestions here. ‘…take only what we need’ which I think can apply to the past generally (its lessons to be learned…)

Especially love the ending, the call for an end to divisiveness:

‘In control of our fear
We are one
All touched by the same rays
Of the life-giving sun
As we tumble off the cliff of 2011
To the new one of 2012’

and a hint of resistance giving way to the evitable…

1 01 2012

Wow! I love hearing what people draw from my poems. Especially you, many times you have pointed out aspects of my words that I didn’t even realize existed.
A different perspective, perhaps
Welcome to the New Year!! May it be the best one for you yet, my friend!!!

1 01 2012

Beautiful, inspirational and I wish you a very Happy New Year, Andrea!

1 01 2012

Thank you so much and the same to you!!!

2 01 2012

Beautiful writing as usual and a pleasure to read
Happy new year Princess
May it be filled with prosperity love and happiness
and may all your dreams come true
You hold a special place in my network of friends
Ian aka Emu

2 01 2012

Very nicely said… this is why I take pictures. Your poetry is so real and full of life…thanks.

3 01 2012
Vampire Weather

Unbridled life–who tames the time?
Who takes the hands of clocks and lives
And brings the two along beside
To live today until we die

An adorable inspiration for the new year. Beautiful. Simply beautiful

6 01 2012

Thank you!!! xxxx
Have a wonderfui and inspiring day!!

6 01 2012

I love the idea of “taking only what you need” and the caution to “remember the mistakes of the past year”. Each of them can be interpreted and applied in so many different ways, and helpful in order to be the change.

6 01 2012

I feel like we dwell to much on the past and all of the unfruitful aspects of it, so take only the memories and experiences that bettered you as a person, that’s what I think.


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