29 12 2011

Yes my friends, I did it.  Some of you no doubt believed I wouldn’t, but I did. If you are having half as much trouble recognizing this place as I am then you are spinning circles and about faint.  I spent an entire hour choosing this theme, which has easier navigation than my previous one and should allow me to do verses and concrete poetry(!!)

I still miss my old one, it had a nice feel to it, but it was a tad limiting. 

I hope I haven’t irked anyone too much or completely ruined your day or knocked you off your feet, if I have then I am terribly sorry.  A little suprise never hurt anyone haha!


AZ aka Andrea aka AndreaNadine

Have a FANTASTIC New Year




6 responses

29 12 2011

Nice!! I am thinking about doing the same thing. 🙂

29 12 2011

It’s very liberating, but also much scarier than I thought. I was worried it would change the feel of my blog. I like your theme, it suits the topics of your poetry, it is raw and crude and harsh, like the things you write about. But if you find it limiting then I strongly encourage you to change!!
Have a Happy New Year!!

29 12 2011

A change is as good as a rest, and it is the content that matters no change there still fabulous!!

29 12 2011

Your words smothered my worry, thank you!!!
Have a Happy New Year!!!

29 12 2011

Not all change is good…. but this seems cathartic and fresh….I like it. Take it from a guy who embraces change, but sometimes stuck in the past. 🙂

29 12 2011

Thank you! The past has its merits, but only when applied well to the present and future. I’m glad you like it! I won’t have to worry that pictures put on my posts will clash with the theme now.


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